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Dutch public transport system: everything you need to know

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One of the main questions we are being asked by our expat clients from day one of their arrival to the Netherlands is about Dutch public transportation, which is why we have compiled all the relevant information regarding public transport travelling, tickets and discounts, as well as the top practical tips for you in this complete guide. Read up on the most important things to bear in mind when travelling by public transport in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has an excellent and reliable public transport system which can take you from A to B with no hassle. Train, bus, tram, metro, ferry and -of course- public bikes, are all at your disposal. 

1. Train

Are you looking for a comfortable, fast and modern means to get around in the Netherlands? Then the Dutch railway will not let you down. You can visit beautiful landscapes and explore hidden gems throughout the country by taking the train. Have you found the perfect accommodation in Amsterdam, but your work is in Rotterdam? Don’t worry! The train can take you from Amsterdam Central to Rotterdam in no more than 40 minutes. The locals are also used to travelling to neighbouring cities for work.

2. Bus, tram and metro

Wherever you are in the Netherlands, the bus services with their great connections will take you easily and affordably to your destination. The tram is the best way not only to reach your destination but also to enjoy some sightseeing along the way! Tram services usually start at 6 am and run until midnight. In Amsterdam and Rotterdam, 2 of the biggest Dutch cities, in addition to bus and tram, you can also take the metro. The metro is the fastest way to commute in the city centre and nearby areas. You can also take your bicycle with you on the train as well as the metro, usually outside peak hours, and you will need a bicycle day ticket for this. Be aware that you cannot place your bike anywhere but there are indicated areas on the train and metro with the relevant label.

3. Ferry and water taxi

In a country full of canals, it makes perfect sense that the Netherlands also provides ferry services. In Amsterdam, you can take the ferry from Central Station to Noord (North) sailing over the IJ river completely free of charge and you can take your bike or motorcycle with you! Have you ever heard of water taxis? If you find yourself in Rotterdam and you want a very fast and fun way to get around then try the water taxi! This is a paid option and fares may vary. 

4. Public bikes

You cannot be in the Netherlands and not have public bikes at your disposal. The OV-fiets with almost 300 locations in the Netherlands at stations, bus or metro stops, allows you to rent a bike and go wherever you want like a local. You can rent an OV-fiets only if you own a personal OV-chipkaart (read below).

5. OV-chipkaart

When using the Dutch public transport, you need to own an OV-chipkaart. There are 3 types of OV-chipkaarten you can opt for: single-use, anonymous and personal. 

The single-use card is mainly for tourists and those who do not travel frequently, and it has limited validity. You can use it on bus, tram and metro but you will need a separate single-use OV card for the train. This type of card costs more than the other two, which is why we only recommend it to short-term visitors. 

For those of you who commute daily to work or travel within the country regularly, an anonymous OV card is a must. It allows you to use all means of public transport and it is a more affordable option. In order to use it, you need to charge credit to your card and you can do so either at a service desk or a ticket vending machine found at most stations. Please note that in order to use this card on the train, you need to charge it with at least 20 euros, which can vary depending on your route, and you can do so at an NS ticket vending machine (yellow). 

If you want to buy single-use or anonymous OV-chipkaart you can do so at the service desk or look for ticket vending machines with the pink OV-chipkaart logo. 

Finally, you can also apply for a personal OV-chipkaart which costs  7,50 euros and is valid for 5 years. The personal card has your personal details and photo, and you do not need to charge it with credit. One benefit of the personal card is that you can block it in case of loss or theft, which is not possible with the other 2 types. With your personal OV card you can also benefit from various different discounts you can choose from! You can always ask our consultants which option is the best for you.

Important tip: Don’t forget to check in and out as you will be charged a penalty or your card will be blocked! If such thing happens, you can request a refund here.

Do you need a personal public transport planner? With the 9292 app, you can plan all your trips, choose your destination and the app will show you up-to-date travel information for all public transport in the Netherlands as well as alternative travel advice and many more. 

Do you have more questions regarding Dutch public transportation, costs and discounts? Do you need personal assistance in your relocation process? Jimble’s experienced relocation specialists can support you and your family from A to Z in a completely stress-free way. Head over to our contact page and schedule an appointment with one of our skilled experts to discuss all your questions extensively.

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Why working abroad boosts your creativity

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Are you considering accepting a job offer overseas and wondering about the possible benefits of this bold move from a personal and professional growth perspective? Or are you already working abroad and you are curious to find out how this international working experience has transformed you? Living and working abroad has been proven beneficial in more than one way and here is why.

Living abroad improves your creative thinking ability

According to recent studies, living overseas and being exposed to different cultures has been demonstrated to improve creative thinking ability. It goes without saying that while living abroad you interact with people with different cultural backgrounds and, consequently, different languages, values, customs, and ways of thinking. The more you interact with diverse cultures, the more aware you become of cultural differences.

Higher cultural awareness is associated with adaptability skills since living abroad means seeing the world through a new lens, adapting to new norms and cultures and getting out of your comfort zone. It is also associated with different traits such as risk-taking, ambition, flexibility, and open-mindedness. This international work experience facilitates flexibility of ideas, boosts creative thinking and helps overcome cultural biases and existing barriers. While working abroad, you will inevitably cooperate with a diverse set of people and you will have to be open to new ideas, and learn how to successfully communicate cross-culturally. 

Cross-cultural experiences are key drives of creativity and help you think “out of the box”

These cross-cultural experiences are key drivers of creativity since they help you think “out of the box” and approach problems and tasks from different angles. After working abroad and immersing yourself in a foreign culture, you have interacted with diverse audiences, you have become a more competent communicator, and you have enhanced your cultural knowledge. All these add up to your international experience and boost your creative thinking and performance. When you are living abroad, even everyday life situations spark your creativity. Every new sound, smell, taste, or any other sensation can become a source of imagination.

Let’s discuss your relocation situation

Relocating to the Netherlands could be that little extra something that will help you professionally as well as personally, and Jimble is here to make sure you enjoy this new journey and to guide you through each step! Head over to our relocation services page and find out more or get in touch by scheduling a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss your situation!

Multicultural company

6 Reasons why having a multicultural team gives your company a competitive advantage

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Cultural diversity is a major asset in the modern business landscape and here is why. We have compiled the top 6 reasons why building a strong multicultural team will give your company a competitive advantage.

1. Diverse Candidate Pool

Diverse workforce means hiring diverse candidates, which gives your company the opportunity to draw on talent from a larger candidate pool of highly skilled individuals. By welcoming employees with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds you bring a variety of skills and competencies to the table and, consequently, generate better results.

2. Increased Creativity and Innovation 

Diversity delivers creativity to a company and drives innovation due to the wealth of viewpoints and the different perspectives among the employees. Each employee has unique values and ideas, influenced by their culture, and by embracing these differences your company will boost creativity and stimulate the creation of new ideas. 

3. Increased Productivity and Motivation

Evidence suggests that diversity in the workplace increases employee satisfaction and, as a result, a happier workforce is a more productive one. The more the employees feel included and their values appreciated, the higher their motivation and engagement.

4. Enhanced Problem-Solving

All these varied viewpoints and ideas that multicultural teams bring to the table foster problem-solving and maximize decision-making processes. Each team member will have a unique way of approaching problems and providing solutions, which will ultimately benefit your organisation.

5. Gain a better Reputation

By being inclusive, open-minded and by embracing cultural diversity your company will promote a positive image. The increased efficiency of the multicultural teams will generate better results, and better results will also boost reputation.

6. Economic Competitiveness

Finally, these 5 advantages lead to increased efficiency in the workplace which means increased profits for your company. With a diverse and multicultural workforce your company becomes a stronger competitor within the global marketplace.

Interested in hiring international employees and worried about the logistics? We are here to help. Head over to our relocation services page and find out more or get in touch by scheduling a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss your situation. Relocating to the Netherlands has never been easier with Jimble.

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