Going to the Gym in Amsterdam

By August 29, 2019Sports and Activities

In Amsterdam there is a fast way of living.

The work hard, play hard mentality is very normal in this city. But to maintain this lifestyle you should keep your body healthy and fit. Lucky for us there are a lot of choices and different kind of ways to work out. You can go solo or have a HIIT class with a group of people for example.

If you are an expat and don’t want to have a longterm membership you can use the Onefit or Classpass app. These are two ways to discover your favorite workout in your area. A hot yoga class or a kickboxing class for example. You can even invite friends and share a class.

When you are on a business trip or vacation you can get a week membership at Gym Nomad.

Do you prefer a normal gym where you can go to the same location everyday? Here are a couple of good suggestions to try:

Club Sportive

Basic Fit 

Train more  


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