Dide Peker

Social Media & Marketing assistant

“Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, I moved to Amsterdam almost three years ago to pursue my bachelor’s degree in media and information. As I neared the end of my studies, I discovered Jimble and recently started working as a marketing intern. My role at the company is to support the marketing team by writing and producing content to engage the company’s online presence.

As a creative and detail-oriented person, I believe I’ll be bringing the team great contributions to empower Jimble’s vision on digital platforms and its relationship with its own clients.

Overall, I am a very calm and flexible individual who performs well in stressful situations. Creativity is crucial to me, so I work best when developing new solutions and bringing new approaches to the table.

I grew up in an urban environment and enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle, so if I had to relocate somewhere else, i would choose New York or Milan. I’a drawn to cultural destinations and places that provide a balanced lifestyle, with Milan bing one such city that I visit so frequently that it now feels laike a second home to me.”


Writing 70%
Content Creation 90%
Marketing 60%

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