Jonathan Galloway

Director of partnerships / marketing

“You could say my start here at Jimble has been somewhat unconventional, but definitely compelling: I initially was a client of theirs when my family first moved to Amsterdam. During this emigration process, I gravitated to the staff out of sheer curiosity and their straight-out kindness. They were genuinely interested in finding out who I really am; I was eager to learn more about their activities. Then the dream scenario came up, a job opportunity as Manager of Client Cultural Integration & Quality Assurance at Jimble. I now help assist people with similar experiences to my own.

A few years back I moved to The Netherlands from The States looking for a better quality of life, one that I definitely found here. I studied in Los Angeles, California, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. During my ten years of management experience in retail and finances with two different firms, I obtained my notaries certificate. Doing what I do now takes a very meticulous, strategic, and well-organized approach. My colleagues will attest to the fact that I’m extremely reliable, and with such a big life change on the horizon clients definitely have to feel they can fully depend on you. I pride myself on two of my greatest strengths in life: leading by example and diplomacy. At the same time, you have to be flexible: no job is the same, and each file is to be dissected, studied, and followed through with a sense of empathy based on individual needs. This keeps me excited and motivated.“


Bringing people together 90%
Selling air 80%
BBQ master 95%
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