Head of Security

Don’t let hos big smile fool you, Lou is a stern and serious security officer with boundless energy to chase the bad guys away. Splitting security duties with his smaller colleague Dolly, he relies on muscle power, though appearance, and deep barks to scare stranger (or clueless cyclers) away from the Jimble premises if not invited.

Although intimidating in size, Lou is secretly a hood boy and a sweetheart underneath it all; always making sure to follow his best friend’s instructions to the T. Lou also happens to enjoy the occasional office nap where he lays on his back against cold tiles during warmer days, and in a comfy gigantic bed in winter.

His hobby is dismantling plastic bottles with his paws and teeth for fun. Lou’s favorite toy on the other hand is, surprisingly, a skinny pink flamingo. We love having Lou around – we especially enjoy his snoring mid-day as we all work hard in the background. Good for you Lou, good for you.


Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%