Stephanie Olfers – Boersma

Senior client coordinator

“Because I have been an expat myself – in Azerbaijan and Denmark, two vastly different cultures – working at Jimble suits me well. I understand the struggles and emotional hardships but also the sheer joy and excitement that comes with relocating quite intimately.

Metropolitan places like New York and London have an energetic pull on me, but I have found my home here in The Netherlands. With the excellent bonus of being in any other lively European city within just a few hours of car-drive.

My job as a client coordinator requires me to help new Amsterdammers (or anywhere else in the country) settle into their new surroundings. When all goes well, I find this to be extremely satisfying.

Every day at Jimble brings bold, new challenges: something I like to take head-on. I’m pretty much stress-proof and I work very precisely and organized. This gives me the chance to navigate and solve any little roadblock that pops up along the way quite easily.

I’m not one to sit around and wait until something happens: I’m a go-getter. That’s also how I got this job – something I’m still grateful for to this day.”


Communication 90%
Development 80%
Support 70%
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