OV Chip Tips (public transport)

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Purchase an OV-chip

With an OV-chipkaart in your pocket, you no longer need to think about separate tickets: you will pay for all your public-transport journeys with your OV-chipkaart! You load the card with credit in euros or add a travel product to it, such as a single journey, a monthly pass for commuting or a season ticket. Then you can start travelling!

Personal OV-chipkaart

€ 7,50
  • suitable for passes and age discounts
  • load credit automatically
  • online overview to journeys made and costs paid
  • possibility to block in case of loss or theft
  • valid for 5 years

Anonymous OV-chipkaart

  • can be used by more than one person (not at the same time)
  • can be purchased i.a. at stations, at counters of operators, in newsagents and in supermarkets
  • online overview of journeys and costs
  • valid for five years from date of production
  • recommended price € 7,50

There are also brand new devices to upload your credits with touch screen and WIFI swipe options to pay.

Have a look on the website where you can buy the OV chip online

This way it is much easier and faster so you will not mis the metro.


On the website of the GVB you can always look up your journey. And find out if there are any schedules changes.

For example during the school vacation period, 14 July through 24 August, schools are closed and many people are on vacation. There is less traffic affecting public transport, especially in the rush hours.

they will also run on a summer timetable this year. Trams, buses, and metros will run less often.

In Amsterdam You can travel by bus, tram, metro, train and ferry.


It is even possible to rent a NS bike for 24 hours for only 3,85  if you are at a station.





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