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Don’t let your employees feel abandoned in their new location. To avoid this we offer  ongoing services for the subsequent time which lies ahead. From our aftercare  service, assignee lifecycle management support to departure services our attention  to detail is a pillar within our company culture.

Specialized services in the Netherlands

Jimble is redefining what a successful transition can be for assignees, their families  and even from an employer perspective. Other mobility organizations, in tandem with  assignee’s employer, pass on the transferee to fend for themselves in a new country. It is misconceived to assume once the employee receives their shipment or moved to  permanent housing they will be content. Jimble’s ongoing assignment management  (Aftercare) recognizes the benefits of lifecycle support. 

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Bring balance to your daily life

During the first few months of a move, relocating employees will be forced to balance  a new and demanding work role, with the daily tie of family in a new and unfamiliar  location. Jimble’s aftercare service provides comprehensive support for the entire  family during the most unforeseen challenges and unconventional issues.

Our  integration team will be committed to appreciate the emotional and cultural issues  involved, handle them personally, and help others deal with them constructively  throughout the lifecycle of their stay. In these times the integration team will facilitate  inquiries, mobilize assignees and agree to quick strategies that provide direction. 

Here are advantages Jimble’s specialized services offer: 

  • A dedicated integration manager will maintain regular contact with your employee to provide advice and reassurance.
  • Your assigned Jimble team member acts as a first point of contact for any issues that arise within the agreed period.
  • We will act as a liaison with all parties including landlords, lending agents and specialist contractors, if necessary.
  • Recommended for high level, affluent executives as a VIP concierge service to guarantee a red-carpet executed experience.

Employee advantages: 

  • Any issues or concerns are dealt with steadfast and with minimal disruption, reducing employee distraction from the workplace.
  • Reduces client workload and administration while ensuring your employee and their family have a positive relocation experience.
  • Up to 6 months of aftercare through ongoing lifecycle management with single-point of contact.

Your relocation partner in the Netherlands

In reality these services extend far beyond identifying suitable accommodation options and this time period can often be demanding for a relocating employee. We understand the importance of remaining empathetic to the fact the transferee and  their family find themselves in a foreign location with different cultures, and laws. Let  us navigate you tranquilly.

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