Equal Yoga: Here you can follow hot yoga classes. This is an extra intensive form of yoga, where the temperature can rise to 40 degrees! Highly recommended if you like a spicy yoga class.
Movements Yoga: You can go to this yoga school as a beginner, but also if you have more experience you have come to the right place. There are different classes,Hot or normal one something for everyone.  Afterwards you can cool down in the beautiful garden they even have a shower outside.  
Delight Yoga: Here you can practice all kinds of yoga in a beautiful, stylish space. The doors are open to everyone thanks to the various yoga programs. After class you can enjoy a good cup of tea afterwards. There are several locations in Amsterdam, so there is a good chance that one is close to you!
Hot Flow Yoga:This yoga studio offers bikram yoga at various locations in Amsterdam. The studios are heated by means of infrared radiation, which in turn has a positive effect on your muscles! They are now in the Jordaan, Rivierenbuurt and Oud-Zuid.
Volksyoga: Yoga with a view! Outdoor sports is better anyway. Add to that a beautiful view and it can’t go wrong at all. At the Volkshotel you can practice your favorite hobby on the roof terrace of the Volkshotel (if the weather permits, otherwise it is inside). In the morning or in the evening? That choice is yours. We assure you a unique experience!



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