There isn’t a country in the world that has a cycling culture as we do in the Netherlands. Children here start cycling at a very young age and in a city like Amsterdam, there are more bikes than people. Cycling is the number one way to get around in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Infrastructure for Bikes

What will surprise most expats is how the Netherlands has amazing infrastructure for bikes. Separate bike lanes are the norm all over the country, and they include traffic lights and many other traffic signs specifically directed toward cyclists.

Drive Your Kids to School on a Bike

It is perfectly normal and acceptable to drive your kids and babies to school or daycare on your bike. Whether they are in a special seat on their parent’s bike or being transported in a “cargo bike”.

Parents don’t use bike helmets and a lot of their children don’t either. The use of bike helmets is not mandatory in the Netherlands, but of course, it is recommended for small children.

Buying or Leasing a Bike?

When it comes to getting a bike to use, there are many options. For first-time bike owners, it would be wise to buy a good second-hand bicycle. If you decide you prefer a more low-maintenance option, you can also choose to lease a bicycle in many of the bigger cities. The lease option is also available for companies that offer bicycles as a green and healthy option for their staff to commute to the office.

How to Bike in the Netherlands

As explained, bike culture is huge in the Netherlands. Our children learn how to cycle at a very young age, and most Dutch people are very comfortable using their bikes in traffic. We know this probably isn’t the case for most expats, and therefore we recommend searching for people who can provide cycling lessons to adults.

These lessons are for beginners and advanced cyclists may not necessarily teach you how to bike, but they do teach you how to bike in Dutch traffic. Essentially, they are designed to help you get comfortable in traffic.

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