Origin Story

The birth of Jimble, similar to other great concepts, emerged from the unique experiences of Wensley Norden. As a local freelancer who frequently worked for different destination service providers (DSPs), he helped internationals moving to the Netherlands. Through this vantage point, Wensley identified a gap in the relocation industry’s services, especially for those who had ventured to break from their comfort zones in the pursuit of their dreams in a new land.
This insight led Wensley to establish Jimble in 2016. His vision was to transform destination services by integrating a personal touch with a professional approach, drawing from his rich freelance experience with diverse DSPs. He strived to deliver comprehensive relocation support, preempting and managing every aspect of the process, while preserving empathy as a fundamental part of his approach.

Breaking the Mould

Although we’re not the only name in the business, our approach is what sets us apart.

The way we see it, relocation and talent mobility organisations in recent years have chosen to take on a wholesale approach to reap higher benefits. This automated, factory-like approach lacks the human touch in a process that involves supporting people.

Relocating is a challenging step in one’s life: It’s an exciting journey to a new place that may involve other family members at times, with costs, and decisions to be made along the way. Therefore, to us, there are better ways than a large-scale method for approaching a relocation process, and that’s where Jimble excels in addressing such processes with an empathetic outlook, a smiling face, and a helping hand.

Seamless Journeys, Serene Settling: Your Global Transition, Simplified.

The Jimble Way

Our business model underlies our values as a company: flexibility, transparency, proactivity, and most of all, focusing on creating meaningful relationships and experiences for all our clients, no matter their profession, personal background, family form, or creed. Over the years, our team of experts has been trusted with the relocation of many individuals from the United States to Canada, South Korea, or Australia, this west-European country on the North Sea.

In addition to our cutting-edge technology, we offer a true one-stop-shop for destination services, covering the fields of housing, immigration, education, tax, and payroll services, among others, to offer world-class services, whatever the need may be. With many experts in the field of moving abroad, you can rest assured that you, your talent, and your family are in good hands.

Our services for relocating employees and corporates

Home Finding Services

Close the door behind you and leave all of the day’s concerns behind. We have the knowledge and experience to help you, your family, or your employees find their dream homes in the Netherlands.

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Settling-in Services

Experience our comprehensive settling-in services, tailored for corporate and personal relocations. We provide settling-in services to make the transition to a new location well-planned, easy, and pleasant.

Immigration services

Our expert team provides comprehensive immigration support, handling everything from the 30% tax ruling to visa applications and resident permits.

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Moving & Logistics Services

When it comes to moving personal belongings, you can rely on Jimble to deliver, pun intended, on time and in top shape. As for the logistical planning of relocation, our experts will hand-map each case from the moment of arrival until every box is checked and the client is smiling.

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Integration Services

In a relocation cycle, integration services are vital and cannot be overstated. Whether moving for personal or professional purposes, integration is critical to achieving success when moving abroad.

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Specialised Services

Say goodbye to relocation stress and hello to an experience full of adventure with Jimble's personalised relocation support.

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