About Jimble, your trusted destination service provider

Jimble is an award-winning mobility & relocation company. Our accolades compliment our principles. Providing tailored relocation solutions, reinforced with exceptional support and understanding is what we do best.

We at Jimble make the dream of expanding your horizons and actually moving cross-country or cross-globe a reality in a stress-free, neatly organized, fun and friendly way. With years of experience we have been trusted with the relocation of many working individuals from The States to Canada, South-Korea or Australia to this West-European country on the North Sea. We take pride in supporting companies – from tech start-ups to movie moguls – when they have their employees put down new roots in The Netherlands. Helping them excel by making sure the migration process goes as smoothly as possible.

The way we work underlies our values as a company: being flexible, open and open-minded, pro-active and most of all creating meaningful relationships and experiences. Just like any other strong company we would not be anywhere without our trusted team, advisors that you can rely on with whatever needs when moving to The Netherlands. We work with discerning and the best experts in the fields of housing, education and simply anything that comes with moving abroad. Our professional approach is personal and ever passionate. At Jimble we, the team, are always looking to improve the relocation experience. Rest assured that you, your co-workers and family are in good hands.

Smooth and stress-free settling in services when moving to The Netherlands, whatever your needs. Get to know relocation company Jimble and our expert team.

Team Jimble

Wensley Norden

Global mobility expert and CEO

'Asking me where I’m from and what I did previously is irrelevant to me. I don’t judge a person by their past, but by their strength in character. What do you truly long for? What are your true strengths and talents? Will you seize an opportunity when it’s presented to you?

Before Jimble, I founded two other successful businesses which mostly taught me that I don’t like hierarchy and that I’m not at all impressed with titles. After all, we’re all the CEOs of our own lives.

My strongest quality surfaced quite early on in my career: I love to be of service! Back in 2016 when I launched Jimble, I felt this business could really do with an upgrade in that sense: service is key, and the only way to achieve that is by really listening, and reading between the lines. I manage, coach, and advise everyone on team Jimble. Yet in the end, I’m just one of the team. To me, it’s about continuously innovating and making sure everyone stays motivated. I like to create a working space that’s peaceful, and safe, leaving room for everyone to explore and excel. It’s wonderful to see how we as a team are constantly challenging and learning from one another.

I’m all about the helicopter view, always thinking three steps ahead. It often feels like there are too few hours in a day; I’d rather be tired than lazy. Both in my professional and personal life I’ve been able to adapt to any type of situation. I think that’s brought me to where I am today.'

Spoken languages: Dutch, English, Surinam, German

Marije Peddemors

Director Client Services

'For me, working in the relocation field for over 15 years started out of sheer curiosity and enjoyment for working with people moving from different spots across the globe to the Netherlands. Throughout those years, I experienced working for global DSPs, but chose Jimble to bring my expertise and to continue pursuing my passion for relocations on a more personal scale.

From onboarding new clients to ensuring Jimble has consistent processes in place, my role at the office constantly flows between day-to-day operations and overseeing interactions with partners to add the utmost value. With the philosophy of “Teamwork makes the dream work” constantly at the back of my mind, I support Jimble’s team in its pursuit of excellent service to all of its clients.

In a statement of diplomacy and tact, I believe that everyone brings their skills and specialties to the table — that’s where I bring my listening and bridging-differences skills, possibly aligning a room full of different opinions to focus on a joined mission.

If given the opportunity to relocate myself, I would choose Thailand in a heartbeat. I’ve been there many times, and the beauty of nature generates a feeling of freedom which is not only fulfilling, but I also wholeheartedly cherish it.'

Spoken Language: Dutch, English

Astrid Rundberg

Operations and HR

'You could say my background is quite multi-faceted: I studied journalism back in the 90s, worked as a producer in television, and then in fashion retail. For eight bustling years, I was manager and buyer for one of the finest luxury stores in Amsterdam. At least, if you ask me. Then it was time for a new adventure, a steadier one at the office.

I started at a game development company and because of my strong analytical insight, I ended up being their user acquisition manager. Since it was a start-up I also quickly got involved with hiring.

At Jimble I’m both the HR and Operations manager. I work closely with our founder, Wensley, offering up a fresh perspective wherever I can. I’m a jack of all trades and a team player all the way. What I love most about my job here at Jimble is how versatile it is; you get to work with so many different people and cultures.

What I really enjoy is organizing a fun event for my team. To me a positive, uplifting company culture is everything! And my organizational skills are definitely my strong suit.

At the office, I’m known to be the party girl and the office mom. Also, at home, I'm a proud single mom of 2 young adults. We’ve had some ups and downs in life, but luckily I don’t get stressed or back down easily.'

Spoken Language: Dutch, English

Jonathan Galloway

Director of Partnerships and Marketing

'You could say my start here at Jimble has been somewhat unconventional, but definitely compelling: I initially was a client of theirs when my family first moved to Amsterdam. During this emigration process, I gravitated to the staff out of sheer curiosity and their straight-out kindness. They were genuinely interested in finding out who I really am; I was eager to learn more about their activities. Then the dream scenario came up, a job opportunity as Manager of Client Cultural Integration & Quality Assurance at Jimble. I now help assist people with similar experiences to my own.

A few years back I moved to The Netherlands from The States looking for a better quality of life, one that I definitely found here. I studied in Los Angeles, California, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. During my ten years of management experience in retail and finances with two different firms, I obtained my notaries certificate. Doing what I do now takes a very meticulous, strategic, and well-organized approach. My colleagues will attest to the fact that I’m extremely reliable, and with such a big life change on the horizon clients definitely have to feel they can fully depend on you. I pride myself on two of my greatest strengths in life: leading by example and diplomacy. At the same time, you have to be flexible: no job is the same, and each file is to be dissected, studied, and followed through with a sense of empathy based on individual needs. This keeps me excited and motivated.'

Spoken Language: Native English

Stephanie Olfers-Boersma

Senior Client Coordinator

'Because I have been an expat myself – in Azerbaijan and Denmark, two vastly different cultures – working at Jimble suits me well. I understand the struggles and emotional hardships but also the sheer joy and excitement that comes with relocating quite intimately.

Metropolitan places like New York and London have an energetic pull on me, but I have found my home here in The Netherlands. With the excellent bonus of being in any other lively European city within just a few hours of car-drive.

My job as a client coordinator requires me to help new Amsterdammers (or anywhere else in the country) settle into their new surroundings. When all goes well, I find this to be extremely satisfying.

Every day at Jimble brings bold, new challenges: something I like to take head-on. I’m pretty much stress-proof and I work very precisely and organized. This gives me the chance to navigate and solve any little roadblock that pops up along the way quite easily.

I’m not one to sit around and wait until something happens: I’m a go-getter. That’s also how I got this job – something I’m still grateful for to this day.'

Spoken Language: Dutch, English

Bárbara Rebelo Matos

Client Coordinator

'I am originally from Portugal and I moved to Amsterdam with a dream of becoming a professional kickboxing fighter and it has been such a journey that I am grateful for and learned a lot from.
I have been living in The Netherlands for 6 years and I still have a lot to learn from Dutch culture! I have worked for many years in the Fashion Industry and recently I was looking for something different where I could feel that my job was more meaningful. Then I found Jimble!

At Jimble I have the chance to help people in a situation that I have been in before. Understanding the struggle of moving abroad helps me help them better. As a Client Coordinator, I participate in the process of assisting people relocating to The Netherlands. My organizational skills contribute to providing this service in the smoothest way possible. I always like to plan my days in advance so I have a better vision of what needs to be done and I can feel more relaxed in that way.

Described as a happy and focused person by my colleagues, being dedicated to what I want with a positive mindset and a smile on my face always helped me to overcome many obstacles in life.
If I had to emigrate again I would definitely choose a warmer and sunnier country haha, living here made me realize that the sun is very important in my life! So I would say that my next destination would be Brazil. It is such a warm and beautiful country to live in. I would also take the chance to visit Amazon Rainforest since I love nature.'

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese.

Fernando Lynch

After care Coordinator

'Born in the smallest Caribbean island of Saba and raised in Curaçao, I moved to the Netherlands to continue studying at the University of Leiden.
After the successful completion of my studies, I worked in various international companies, covering different positions such as Customer Service, Team Lead, Mobility Consultant, Project Manager, Office Manager, and Sales Ambassador.

Here at Jimble, as Client Coordinator, I am responsible for offering full support to the Mobility Consultants and for managing the Departure Services and the Aftercare program we offer to our expat clients.

Among my colleagues, I'm known for my positive attitude, team spirit, and dedication. I consider my open and approachable personality an asset.

Some of my greatest strengths include inquisitiveness and willingness to learn and explore new avenues.

If I were to relocate myself, I would choose Bali, Maldives,… or many more destinations! In such places, you are in touch with nature and therefore with yourself! Furthermore, the friendliness of the locals, the great cuisine, and the fascinating sceneries such places have to offer are beyond imagination!'

Spoken Language: Dutch, English, Spanish

Farah Almazouni

Marketing & Communication Specialist

'I'm originally from Syria, but I moved to the U.S. in 2012 after the war, then I moved to the Netherlands in 2021, so I am an expat myself.
I have a master's degree in mass communications from Florida International University (FIU).
I ended up at Jimble after working for one of their partners. My role at the company changed from client coordinator to marketing and communications specialist.

I would describe my working style as always being open to learning. I love learning by asking as many questions as possible, so I can deliver better results based on good knowledge. I dislike having to guess my way forward. My greatest strength is that I don’t bend easily under pressure. This has helped me overcome a lot of situations in life.

If I were to emigrate to another place, I would choose New Orleans. I’m an Amsterdammer now, but I spent a few years in New Orleans in the past, and I found that the two cities share a lot of similarities when it comes to vivid culture and delicious food options.'

Spoken Language: Arabic, English

Charlotte Pluim

Relocation Consultant

“My heritage is scattered across the Netherlands. I was born and raised in Delft, which I consider to be one of the richest cities in Dutch history. I earned a bachelor's degree in Concepting & Design from WdKA in my twenties before beginning work in a variety of environments, gaining invaluable experience in fields such as hospitality, strategic design, and project management. Living in large cities like The Hague, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam. The latter stole my heart, and this is where I am, at least for now.

Throughout all my life’s adventures, my passion for creating memorable experiences and delivering excellent service remained the constant thread that guided my path. This is something I spotted at Jimble, and its strategy as a company. It is what prompted me to apply for the position in the first place, and I am eager to continue my path of creating meaningful experiences and connections in my role as a relocation consultant. I’ll work with individuals or families who are relocating to a new city in the Netherlands. My team and I will ensure each relocation is a success every step of the way, from finding the ideal home to navigating local customs and culture to assisting with paperwork and legal requirements. This is what we like to term 'soft-landing’, and I am stoked to be able to work with clients and build relationships.

Aside from the heat of the Amsterdam housing market, one of the most difficult challenges I foresee will be finding a parking spot in the city center. I guarantee my coworkers that there will never be a dull moment when I'm around. I'm a creative, energetic, and service-oriented individual with an open mind and an innate interest. I'm a magnet for everything new, and I'm always excited about what the future holds. When I think of a future location to move to, I don't have any particular area in mind; however, it has to have an enjoyable climate, sunny weather, and be business-friendly. Singapore, Barcelona, and Los Angeles all sound like potential destinations to me.”

Languages: Dutch, English

Mona Smit

Relocation Consultant

'What I find to be the most satisfying about my job is when you find that one ideal home for your client. While additionally everything around this housing process just runs smoothly. This is how I can really be of service, and make someone happy, and I love how you get to know people quite well in a very short time frame.

As a relocation consultant, I aim to be of added value by helping people feel instantly at home. Oftentimes finding the perfect place to stay is the first step to getting there.

At business meetings with my colleagues, I always hear: 'Keep it short, Mona!' (Laughs) I guess I’m quite opinionated, I don’t like “no” for an answer and I definitely have a lot of stories to share.

Before I worked in marketing, PR, and event organization for many national and international companies. I traveled a lot, and worked with many different cultures.

Bali, Indonesia, has a special place in my heart, because of my Indonesian-Dutch heritage, as well as Hawaii! Many close friends live there and one of my favorite pastimes is Polynesian dancing.

The last couple of years before I joined Jimble I missed that 'international experience', something I value a lot.

My mentality has always been “can do”; I’m a problem solver to the core. All the while striving for harmonious ways of keeping any working relationship steady and healthy and keeping things positive.

Every day is a new opportunity!'

Spoken language: Dutch, English

Nikki Na

Relocation Consultant

‘I was born and raised in Apeldoorn and moved to Amsterdam for my studies, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in international management before working for ABN AMRO Bank as a financial advisor.
I was introduced to Jimble as part of my work with expats at the International Clients department at the bank. For my role here, I will be working as a relocation consultant, supporting internationals who will move to the Netherlands to live, work, and integrate into the local lifestyle.

The most exciting aspect of my role at Jimble is working with different people and cultures, helping them, and making them feel right at home in the Netherlands. Of course, one of the most difficult challenges I anticipate is navigating Amsterdam's congested streets!
I am a calm, flexible, patient, and helpful person. I find my patience and calm personality to be two of my greatest strengths, as these two traits have helped me in many situations. Work-style-wise, I like to work in an accurate manner, taking the time to learn new things and putting my own spin on them.

If I were to relocate, I would definitely choose Bali. I have Indonesian roots, and Bali is my favorite place. When I say favorite, I mean it with no exaggeration: I’ve already been there eight times and will probably be counting more in the future! I really enjoy the weather, the company of the people there, and of course, Bali’s delicious food.’

Spoken Languages: Dutch, English

Mohamed Aguerhiou

Property Manager

'For as long as I can remember I have loved working with and really getting to know people from all over, providing every level of service that’s desired, with mutual respect as the common denominator. Respect, that should always be the starting point in every endeavor.

My roots lie both in Amsterdam East and Morocco – Nador, a coastal city in the wild Rif region that I love to visit to see family members – while I also worked and lived in Tenerife, on the Canary Islands for seven years. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, that’s an understatement. Both on the island and back in The Netherlands I worked in hospitality: from selling goods on the local market to holding the position of duty manager at multi-star hotels.

In the end, I found my calling at Jimble, charged with operating several real estate properties. A great, ever-dynamic opportunity that I thoroughly enjoy.

At the office, I’m known as the 'handyman'. Just like my fellow co-workers I’m very well-rounded when it comes to working, and I’m very practical. If anything needs to get done, I’m on it and I make sure to get it sorted in no time.

Overall, I think it’s my life experience, solid faith in myself, and simply courage that got me places. Every day I’m curious and excited to reach new heights in the professional field.'

Spoken Language: Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Berber

Nino Norden

Office Support

'Born and raised in Amsterdam, I have been working as a model since I was still at school. Modeling offered me the opportunity to travel a lot and live abroad in many different cities, which consequently made me more open-minded. I have worked and collaborated with people from all over the world, and I believe this is key when you work for the global mobility industry.

At Jimble, I am responsible for Office Support, which includes supporting my colleagues in any way possible so that we can deliver excellent service to our clients.

My greatest strength would be that I am relaxed and always friendly. Maybe sometimes too relaxed haha. But being friendly helps a lot in maintaining good relationships.

If I were to emigrate myself, I would love to go to either Barcelona or Tokyo. Barcelona because of how beautiful the city is and how relaxed everyone is. Tokyo because of the work ethic and the constant rush the city has which gives you a lot of motivation.'

Dide Peker

Social Media Marketing Intern

“Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, I moved to Amsterdam almost three years ago to pursue my bachelor's degree in media and information. As I neared the end of my studies, I discovered Jimble and recently started working as a marketing intern. My role at the company is to support the marketing team by writing and producing content to engage the company's online presence.

As a creative and detail-oriented person, I believe I'll be bringing the team great contributions to empower Jimble's vision on digital platforms and its relationship with its own clients.
Overall, I am a very calm and flexible individual who performs well in stressful situations. Creativity is crucial to me, so I work best when developing new solutions and bringing new approaches to the table.

I grew up in an urban environment and enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle, so if I had to relocate somewhere else, I would choose New York or Milan. I'm drawn to cultural destinations and places that provide a balanced lifestyle, with Milan being one such city that I visit so frequently that it now feels like a second home to me.”

Languages: English, Turkish, German


Emotional Support

Dolly is a true Amsterdammer, who will tell you the truth but in a supportive way. She also works as security for the building by barking at anyone who dares enter. Everyone at Jimble feels very safe with Dolly at work.

Dolly spends her day checking in on everyone and asking for a nice belly rub from desk to desk. She loves eating eggs and chewing on a good bone in between her daily tasks.

Dolly’s spirit animal would be a panda as they resemble each other from head to toe. Her favorite toy is also a big panda, she can’t work without it.

We are very lucky to be blessed with such a good Emotional Support employee and we wish every office could have their own Dolly.


Head of security

Don’t let his big smile fool you, Lou is a stern and serious security officer with boundless energy to chase the bad guys away. Splitting security duties with his smaller colleague, Dolly, he relies on muscle power, though appearance, and deep barks to scare strangers (or clueless cyclers) away from Jimble premises if not invited.

Although intimidating in size, Lou is secretly a good boy and a sweetheart underneath it all; always making sure to follow his best friend’s instructions to the T. Lou also happens to enjoy the occasional office nap where he lays on his back against cold tiles during warmer days, and in a comfy gigantic bed in winter.

His hobby is dismantling plastic bottles with his paws and teeth for fun. Lou’s, favorite toy on the other hand is, surprisingly, a skinny pink flamingo. We love having Lou around - we especially enjoy his snoring mid-day as we all work hard in the background. Good for you Lou, good for you.