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Relocating to a different country is more than simply moving; it’s a significant life transformation. We also believe that relocation should be an exciting adventure free of stress and worries. However, when you’re left to navigate the entire process alone, the experience can turn into a stressor. At Jimble, our goal is to take the burden off your shoulders and turn your relocation into a memorable and enjoyable experience, not just for you but for your entire family.

Our services for relocating employees and corporates

Home Finding Services

Close the door behind you and leave all of the day’s concerns behind. We have the knowledge and experience to help you, your family, or your employees find their dream homes in the Netherlands.

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Settling-in Services

Experience our comprehensive settling-in services, tailored for corporate and personal relocations. We provide settling-in services to make the transition to a new location well-planned, easy, and pleasant.

Immigration services

Our expert team provides comprehensive immigration support, handling everything from the 30% tax ruling to visa applications and resident permits.

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Moving & Logistics Services

When it comes to moving personal belongings, you can rely on Jimble to deliver, pun intended, on time and in top shape. As for the logistical planning of relocation, our experts will hand-map each case from the moment of arrival until every box is checked and the client is smiling.

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Integration Services

In a relocation cycle, integration services are vital and cannot be overstated. Whether moving for personal or professional purposes, integration is critical to achieving success when moving abroad.

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Specialised Services

Say goodbye to relocation stress and hello to an experience full of adventure with Jimble's personalised relocation support.

For you and your family

We have learned over the years as destination service providers that no two relocation experiences are the same, so personalisation is essential.
We offer a wide range of services that cater to every stage of this journey for you and your family, thanks to our individualised, case-by-case strategy. From the initial move to immigration, bookings, schooling, settling in, securing furniture, language and culture training, and beyond, our team of knowledgeable and friendly specialists is here for everyone—even your four-legged best friends.

Making Global Moves a Seamless Journey

Feel right at home, wherever the destination

First-rate relocation services are essential for a stress-free move. We provide a comprehensive variety of services for individual and corporate relocation in the Netherlands and beyond.

Employee, family, and individual support in the Netherlands and Europe

We offer a wide range of services for individual and corporate relocations in the Netherlands and beyond because we believe that relocating abroad should be a stress-free journey.

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    The world-renowned Dutch capital and the “Venice of the North” was established on the Amstel river back in 1275. What was once a fishing village is now a world-class city budding with multicultural communities, artistic and architectural heritage, local businesses, and visitors from all corners of the world seeking the many joys this place has to offer, all year round.

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    The second-largest Dutch city is home to over a million individuals from over 180 nationalities, landing it among the top 10 cities on the EU’s list of populous urban areas. This Southern metropolis is known for having the largest port in Europe, home to Erasmus University, and rich history with architecture as the city was almost completely wiped out the center of the city during WWII. Today, this shipping industry hub flaunts Dutch-designed skyscrapers and some of the tallest buildings in the Netherlands.

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    The Hague

    The royal capital of the Netherlands and the international city of Peace and Justice is the third-largest city in the country with over half a million residents. Strategically situated on the Western coast of the North Sea, The Hague plays a major role in the political and laws realm, attracting world leaders and constantly making the headlines locally and internationally, partly due to the fact that it hosts over 200 international governmental organisations and many international summits.

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    Dubbed the capital of North Holland, this 950-year-old city is nothing but full of life so it’s no surprise that it was once voted one of the happiest cities in Europe.

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    The fifth-largest city in the Netherlands, the tech hub of the country, and the birthplace of a Dutch electronics conglomerate, Eindhoven is considered by many to be the Silicon Valley of the Netherlands. With a reputation for combining design with innovation, this small but mighty city has many great aspects to offer anyone seeking its treasures.

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    With the most centralized location in all of the Netherlands, Utrecht is the city that truly has it all. Between being the university city to the Netherlands’ largest institution, Utrecht University, to having the busiest train station in the country — which also happens to stretch into one of the largest Dutch shopping malls, Hoog Catharijne. See? We already told you, the city covers it all.

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    Haarlem, with its historic charm and cultural attraction, entices visitors in the heart of the Netherlands, has a rich history that can be seen in its renowned structures and architectural marvels.

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    Berlin awaits to be discovered as a city of appealing contrasts and endless innovation.

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