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We’ve combined our popular services into four packages that cover every area of the relocation adventure in order to offer a memorable and smooth relocation experience for all of our clients.

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Our relocation packages

Total Destination

The perfect blend of all packages: allow us to take you around the city, register you locally, find your perfect home, settle you in, and check on you in two weeks. The essential relocation package to ensure you and your family a smooth landing in your new home country

  • Orientation visit + city tour (half day)
  • Accompanied Immigration Registration + Social Security Number (BSN) ** appointment
  • Accompanied Bank account setup
  • Collecting residence cards*
  • Driver license conversion
  • Two-week wellness check-up
  • Includes all services from the Home Search package

Home Search

An accompanied mission to find and settle you in your dream home, all wrapped up in one loved package.

  • Trusted partner network
  • Book viewing appointments
  • Pickup and accompanied visits
  • Proposal preparation + submission
  • Negotiate contract options
  • Check-in formalities
  • Connection utilities + internet / TV
  • Municipality address update
  • Provide the nearest GPS dentists
  • Custom virtual neighbourhood tour guide

Settling in

Go Digital

The light and digital package for our independent clients, This plan is perfect for receiving digital support throughout your home-finding journey and post-key-handover tasks. Please be advised, however, that this option is only available for clients who are already in their host city.

  • Virtual home-finding support
  • Video intake call
  • Expert Guidance
  • Access to an all-in-one platform
  • Streamlined process
  • Scheduled viewings*
  • Proposal submissions
  • Contract review
  • Utility arrangements
  • Internet connections
Add ons
  • Scheduling single appointments: Social Security (BSN) + bank appointment*
  • Scheduling Social Security Number (BSN) + bank appointment*

Jimble reserves the right to make adjustments to pricing, products, and service offerings for reasons including but not limited to changing market conditions, service unavailability, and errors in advertisements. All packages are subject to service availability and the availability of personnel to perform the services. Therefore, Jimble cannot guarantee that it will be able to fulfill customers’ requests. If services are being performed on a time and materials basis, any estimates provided by Jimble are for planning purposes only.

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