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As a seasoned global mobility agency based in Amsterdam, we have honed our skills over the years to ensure a hassle-free moving experience. Our team, enriched by extensive experience, stands ready to help businesses across all scales and industries, as well as individuals, with their relocation requirements. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company, a power player in the fashion industry, or a startup looking to make their mark on the world, our proficient relocation experts are on hand to provide assistance.

Home Finding Services

Close the door behind you and leave all of the day’s concerns behind. We have the knowledge and experience to help you, your family, or your employees find their dream homes in the Netherlands.

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Settling-in Services

Experience our comprehensive settling-in services, tailored for corporate and personal relocations. We provide settling-in services to make the transition to a new location well-planned, easy, and pleasant.

Immigration services

Our expert team provides comprehensive immigration support, handling everything from the 30% tax ruling to visa applications and resident permits.

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Moving & Logistics Services

When it comes to moving personal belongings, you can rely on Jimble to deliver, pun intended, on time and in top shape. As for the logistical planning of relocation, our experts will hand-map each case from the moment of arrival until every box is checked and the client is smiling.

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Integration Services

In a relocation cycle, integration services are vital and cannot be overstated. Whether moving for personal or professional purposes, integration is critical to achieving success when moving abroad.

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Specialised Services

Say goodbye to relocation stress and hello to an experience full of adventure with Jimble's personalised relocation support.

Innovative destination solutions, with a personal touch

Fueled by technology and first-hand knowledge, our unconventional approach to the relocation industry has led to the evolution and growth of our services, allowing us to provide global services consistently with flexibility and thorough execution.

Simply put, we do the complex work so that you don’t have to. While we are not the only providers in the industry, our boutique-style model enables us to offer premium and cost-effective solutions to our business clients and their moving expertise, as well as personal clients in support of their relocation.

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The buzz

Relocation is an exciting but also an intimidating journey. With a friendly staff and excellent services, Jimble made our transition from Turkey to Netherlands so smooth. With the help of Jimble, not only we found our dream home less than 2 weeks despite the tough housing market in Amsterdam, but we were assisted throughout the whole registration and settling in processes. They even helped us finding the perfect veterinary clinic for our cats. I can't thank enough to Jimble team, but especially Mona, Mo and Fernando. They are the best!
Zehra Merve Karaman
Zehra Merve Karaman
Relocation can be tough, especially for people who are not very good at multitasking like myself. It is quite easy to be overwhelmed with the weight of things that has to be done when you are also working full-time. I am quite happy that Jimble was there for me along the way. Not only that they are good at what they are doing, they are also very nice people. I am very glad to meet all of them. Thank you guys for all your efforts. I wish you all the best!
Murat Dogu
Murat Dogu
The service was brilliant. Helped the move from Ireland to Netherlands so smooth and not as nerve wrecking. I would completely recommend to use this company to help with reloaction.
Jennifer Mc Auley
Jennifer Mc Auley
Mona, Fernando, Farah & Marije have been a great help in getting my partner and I settled into life in the Netehrlands! We moved from Dubai which is quite a different system, culture, market, & landscape and they have all been really proactive when reaching out & really patient when explaining & really responsive when following up! Would definitely recommend to anyone moving.
Noli Masango
Noli Masango
As expats, we always heard stories about people renting places and having very bad experiences. But wow, Jimble was a completely different story! We rented a beautiful apartment in the heart of Amsterdam for 2 years which was thankfully managed by Jimble. From the very beginning, we were amazed by the service they provided. Never once did we have an issue without them immediately solving it. Mohamed, the property manager, was always nice and helpful. In the process of moving out, we had a weird situation because our contract was about to expire but on the other hand, there was so much renovation work going on in the house we bought which put us in a stressful situation. Jimble, once again, helped us resolve it very quickly by simply letting us stay more. We had direct communication with the founder, Wensley, who was a super kind and understanding person! All in all, we had wonderful 2 years in that apartment with so many good memories. We will be forever grateful for them. We really appreciated the service of Jimble during those years. Therefore, would definitely recommend them to anyone! If there were 100 stars here, I'd just give 100 stars without even thinking about it!! Thanks, Jimble, especially Wensley, for everything! <3
Ecem Atacli
Ecem Atacli
Jimble have been nothing but excellent in their relocation assistance. Special mention to Mona and Fernando who went above and beyond to ensure I was well set up and settled. Thank you again for all the support and I would highly recommend their services.
The support of Jimble while relocating from Italy to Amsterdam has been game-changer ! Best in class service on all aspects of the relocation, amazing flat found and super quick and efficient communication, thank you !
Philippe Lavelle
Philippe Lavelle
I had nothing but a positive experience with Jimble. Relocation is a complex process, and as the first time is always the hardest, thus having a professionals guiding you is essential. Besides professional help, the whole journey is a positive experience thanks to the Jimble team!
Igor Waligóra
Igor Waligóra

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