I am moving to Amsterdam, what do I need and can Jimble help me?

Exciting times and congratulations! After an intro call we will explain all steps. Most important are; you will need a social security number (BSN) and a Dutch bank account to start working. A residence permit is needed if you are a non EU passport holder. We schedule all and join you to the appointments.

What documents do I need to register and to obtain the BSN number?

You need an address to register on when you are planning to stay longer then 4 months. If agreed, it is possible to use the company address as a temporary registration address. For EU citizens it is mandatory to show an original copy of your birth certificate. Depending on the place of issue and used language this document might need a legalisation and/or translation. Please provide more details so we can provide you the correct information upfront.

What insurance(s) do I need?

Once you are registered it is mandatory to have a Dutch health insurance. We do not have a public health insurance, but several “private” health insurance companies to choose from. Please be well informed as different companies focus on different aspects of health issues.

A liability insurance covers you for any damage to third parties. For example; you are off to the office riding your typical Dutch bike and you scratch someone’s car. No need to argue or pay cash for the damage. Just call your insurance company and they will take care of the rest. Good thing to exchange contact/insurance details before heading on. The liability insurance is not mandatory by law, but is highly recommended as over 90% of all residents have one.

I am looking for new apartment/house, can Jimble help me find my dream place?

This is what we love to do and are good at.
We work closely with established and trustworthy real estate agents. Also having access to unlisted properties is a huge advantage for you. We will plan and join you to all viewings, negotiate the best possible rent/contract and of course review the contract.

Can Jimble help setting up my gas, electricity and water connection?

Yes, after the key handover we will set up all utilities. We can even make sure you will have internet/TV up and running from the day you move in!

How much will I be paying for utilities?

Depending on the size of the apartment and your own usage the utilities can be between 100 and 200 euro. TV/internet plans are between 35 and 70 euro depending on channels and download speed.

How much is the rental deposit?

The deposit is used to cover possible future damages to the apartment. Usually the deposit is equal to 1-month rent when renting unfurnished and equal to 2 months of rent when renting furnished.

What is a diplomatic clause?

The diplomatic clause gives the tenant the right to terminate the contract prematurely, due to work related reasons like moving because of work or termination of your work contract.


We highly recommend to include this clause in your contract model, A as it gives the tenant the right to terminate the contract prematurely within the first 12 months but only for work related reasons like; termination of the work contract or relocate for more than 50km from the current work location. Activation from the start is common, but it does occur that the landlord opts for a minimum term. During this period the tenant is not allowed to use the diplomatic clause.

Are there local taxes to be paid

When you are registered at your final address you will annual receive the following taxes.

City tax Amsterdam(2019)
approx. 276,- for a single household and 368,- for a multiple person household

Water tax Amsterdam(2019)
approx. 169,48,- for a single household and 279,32,- for a multiple person household

What kind of rental contract(s) are commonly used in the Netherlands?

There are 2 types of contract that are mostly used also known as “model A” and “model B”

Model A
This is a 12 months contract, which will be automatically extended and turned into an indefinite contract.

Model B
This is a Max 24 months contract which has an end date, but can be terminated each month from the start by the tenant

I want to buy a property, can Jimble help me out?

Yes we can! We will guide you through the challenging process of finding and buying the right property for the right price in this heated market. Please contact us for more information?