Astrid Rundberg

Operations and HR

“You could say my background is quite multi-faceted: I studied journalism back in the 90s, worked as a producer in television, and then in fashion retail. For eight bustling years, I was manager and buyer for one of the finest luxury stores in Amsterdam. At least, if you ask me. Then it was time for a new adventure, a steadier one at the office.

I started at a game development company and because of my strong analytical insight, I ended up being their user acquisition manager. Since it was a start-up I also quickly got involved with hiring.

At Jimble I’m both the HR and Operations manager. I work closely with our founder, Wensley, offering up a fresh perspective wherever I can. I’m a jack of all trades and a team player all the way. What I love most about my job here at Jimble is how versatile it is; you get to work with so many different people and cultures.
What I really enjoy is organizing a fun event for my team. To me a positive, uplifting company culture is everything! And my organizational skills are definitely my strong suit.

At the office, I’m known to be the party girl and the office mom. Also, at home, I’m a proud single mom of 2 young adults. We’ve had some ups and downs in life, but luckily I don’t get stressed or back down easily.“


Organization 90%
Problem-solving 80%
Party 85%

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