Nikki Na

Relocation consultant

“I was born and raised in Apeldoorn and moved to Amsterdam for my studies, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in international management before working for ABN AMRO Bank as a financial advisor.
I was introduced to Jimble as part of my work with expats at the International Clients department at the bank. For my role here, I will be working as a relocation consultant, supporting internationals who will move to the Netherlands to live, work, and integrate into the local lifestyle.

The most exciting aspect of my role at Jimble is working with different people and cultures, helping them, and making them feel right at home in the Netherlands. Of course, one of the most difficult challenges I anticipate is navigating Amsterdam’s congested streets!
I am a calm, flexible, patient, and helpful person. I find my patience and calm personality to be two of my greatest strengths, as these two traits have helped me in many situations. Work-style-wise, I like to work in an accurate manner, taking the time to learn new things and putting my own spin on them.”


Flexibility 90%
Patient 80%
Always hungry 85%

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