Wensley Norden

Global mobility expert and CEO

“Rather than focusing on origins or past accomplishments, I value strength in character and potential. This ethos extends to my passionate belief in the power of diversity and inclusion. I am intrigued by what people truly desire and their inherent abilities, and I understand that these are shaped by the myriad of unique experiences, cultures, and perspectives that diversity brings. Recognizing that innovation often sparks from a confluence of diverse thoughts, I champion a culture where everyone feels included, valued, and empowered to express themselves.

Coming from an entrepreneurial background, I’ve founded two successful businesses before spearheading Jimble. My experience has instilled in me a disdain for unnecessary hierarchy and a lack of interest in grandiose titles. Instead, I strive to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background or role, has an equitable opportunity to grow and lead. In my eyes, we’re all the leaders of our own existences.

In my career, I discovered early on that my strongest attribute is my service-oriented mindset. When I launched Jimble in 2016, I knew I wanted to foster this ethos within the company. To me, superior service is achieved through active listening, discerning the underlying meanings, and appreciating the diversity of thought. As part of team Jimble, I play multiple roles: manager, coach, and advisor, while remaining just another member of the team, learning and growing from the diverse experiences around me.

I believe in constant innovation and maintaining a motivated workforce, both of which are amplified by a diverse and inclusive culture. My goal is to create a serene and secure workspace that allows everyone, regardless of their background or identity, to thrive and achieve their potential. I take pride in how our team continuously challenges, learns from, and respects each other’s diversity.

With a strategic mindset, I often find myself thinking several steps ahead. I’d rather be tired than unproductive, given the scarcity of hours in a day. Throughout my professional and personal life, I’ve shown my adaptability to diverse situations and my commitment to inclusive leadership, which I believe are major factors behind my current position.”


Pioneered 90%
Determination 85%
Passionate 95%

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