Dear Diary,

The decision is final, I finally got my dream job and we are moving abroad soon. I know it will be a hassle for my family and me, but it will be all worth it once we settle down and start our new life there. I now have so many questions. Where are we going to live? Which neighbourhood is the best for the children? Where will they go to school? Will my partner be happy with their new life? How long will it take to get our visas? So many questions, and so much to do, yet so little time. I wonder if I can get help on any of these topics. I want to make sure this adventure will be the best it can be for me and my loved ones.

Immigration Services

Prior to and upon your arrival in a new country, you can expect various tasks you need to complete through the government or the municipality. Such tasks would be visa and residence permit applications prior to your trip and receiving your citizen service number (BSN) and municipality registration after your arrival, and of course, preparing required documents along the way. 

By partnering with a relocation service provider, you can spend much less time on formalities as you would spend much less time on researching and preparing, and most importantly worrying about what you need to take care of.


For families relocating with children, the process becomes even more sensitive as the parents are concerned about where their children will continue with their education. Making such an important decision can be hard and confusing for the parents. Acquiring help would be wise for families, as the relocation service provider will do the crucial research and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family including but not limited to educational system overviews and support in choosing the perfect school. 

Home Finding Services

As many big cities of the world now face a housing crisis, every year it becomes more and more difficult to find suitable and affordable houses, especially in a city you have never lived in before. Such a personal and sensitive task will be taking up most of your energy prior to your relocation, and even after in some cases. 

Out-sourcing help on such a time-consuming matter will help you focus on preparing for your trip and alleviate the stress about it throughout a process that can take a very long time. Home-finding services will tailor the search process to your precise needs and preferences, offering to find the optimal housing for you and quickening the process.  

Settling In Services

After your arrival, many unforeseen little issues may come up that can over-complicate your stay. As you move into your new home and neighbourhood, it can be hard to figure out how to handle taxes and utilities and find doctors and even handymen in your area. While helping you figure out daily complications, relocation services can also assist you as you adapt and learn the ‘way of life’ in a new environment.

Family and Pet Services

Many talents who relocate will bring along partners, children, and of course, pets. The transition process can be easier on the employee who is relocating as they will be focusing on starting work, but it can be harder on the family who comes along. Relocation services can guide and assist partners in such hard times. 

For families with children, setting up children’s new lives require detailed research on for example language learning, daycare providers, and nannies. Relocation services will help you find the best places and professionals for your children to transition smoothly and continue their development. Last but not least, while finding housing in big cities like Amsterdam, it can often be more complicated to find a place that will allow pets and meet all of your pet-related preferences. Services will also help make this hard and long process much easier and quicker for you, allowing you to take all of your loved ones along on this journey.

Integration Services

Integration is a crucial factor in ensuring a high life quality when you relocate, and it is always helpful to outsource services to ease the process for you and your family. A new life in a strange new country often comes with stress, confusion, and isolation. Learning about the country’s customs and language will help you and your family acclimate to this new environment. Services such as cross-cultural training will help you cope with culture shock and adapt faster to your new work environment and build new connections. Overall, integration services will ensure your transition will be as smooth of an experience as possible, which in the long run will drastically improve your journey.


Are you moving abroad and looking for more assistance? Here at Jimble Destination Service Provider, we can help you with any relocation issues you might have along the way. For more information get in touch and discover all corporate and employee relocation services. You can talk with one of our specialists to find the perfect relocation package for you.

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