Were you recruited by your company to come and work in the Netherlands? Or maybe you are still deciding on whether you want to make the move or not. Congratulations, you are on a journey filled with great life and work opportunities!

As exciting as moving to the Netherlands is, expats can sometimes come across surprises that they were not expecting. In order to be fully prepared, gathering information on your destination is always important. Here, we have compiled a list of significant things you can expect when coming to the Netherlands.

Work Permits and Registration

Work Permits and Visa

If you are coming to the Netherlands and do not have EU, EEA, or Swiss nationality, you’ll need to arrange work permits and visas. What visas and permits you need will depend on where you are coming from, what you were hired for and for how long you will reside in the Netherlands. You can find all the necessary information in our blog about work permits and visas or on the Dutch Government website.

Local Registration

One of the first things you need to do when you arrive in the Netherlands is to register with your local municipality (gemeente). A BSN number (Burgerservicenummer) will then be assigned to you. The BSN number is your citizen number, which you will need when interacting with various Dutch authorities and completing different processes related to insurance, child benefits, etc. It is important to keep this in mind, as when you are looking for temporary or permanent housing, you need to make sure that you can register with your address.

The Housing Market

One of the biggest concerns relocating talent has is the housing crisis. How long it will take to find permanent housing will depend on where you will reside. In the bigger cities of the Netherlands like Amsterdam or Rotterdam, finding housing is often much harder and more expensive. For the talent who will reside in such cities, it is advisable to look into temporary housing. The home search can take around two months, and the candidates need to be open-minded when it comes to finding their new homes. Some important questions to answer are:

  • Are you looking for temporary or long-term accommodation? 
  • Are you looking for a property to buy or rent? 
  • Where do you, your employees or your company need to be located?

To prepare for the housing market of the Netherlands, check out our blog “Looking for housing as an expat in the Netherlands? Here is what to expect”.

Tax System

If you are an expat relocating to the Netherlands, understanding the Dutch tax system is essential for a smooth transition. How much and what type of tax you need to pay will depend on your income, assets, residency status and more. Especially as an expat, special benefits can be applied, like the 30% ruling. Here you can check out an overview of the tax system in the Netherlands.

Healthcare system

The Dutch Healthcare system can seem foreign to relocating employees, and understanding it can truly save your life.

The first step in healthcare in the Netherlands is to take out healthcare insurance. Everyone in the Netherlands is legally required to have at least a base level of insurance, and this must be done within the first four months of arrival. The next advised step is to register with a local dentist and general practitioner (GP).

Dutch Culture

Integrating into a new country can be daunting. Luckily, the Netherlands is known for its international culture.

Rarely will you find someone who doesn’t speak English, especially in major cities. Interested in learning the Dutch language or learning everything there is to know about Dutch culture? There are numerous language classes and cultural integration services to choose from. Key things to learn in order to complete a successful integration of the Dutch culture are their business culture and public transport. Check out our guides “Dutch Public Transport System: Everything You Need to Know” and “Dutch business culture: your guide before your first day in your new office”. Curious about the Dutch biking culture? Check out our blog here.

Tip Apps in the Netherlands will make your integration much smoother. Here is a list of the most helpful apps to use in the Netherlands.


Get Support

Here at Jimble Destination Service Provider, we provide support at every step of your relocation journey. Are you relocating to the Netherlands for work? Contact us to talk to one of our specialists, or visit our website to find out how we can help you have the best relocation experience.

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