Providing and finding corporate housing is a vital part of relocating employees. As global mobility becomes an important part of the corporate world, relocation packages are a crucial tool to utilize. The benefits included in your relocation package will set your company apart when it comes to retaining and attracting talent. When you are relocating employees and offer a relocation package, corporate housing is an essential piece of the puzzle, especially when in the Netherlands. If you are interested in how you and your employees can benefit from corporate and temporary housing, here we have compiled everything you need to know.

What is corporate housing?

Corporate housing, often used synonymously with temporary housing, is an umbrella term for short-term housing for people relocating for work. Simply put, it’s a housing solution for people who need accommodation for longer than a few days but less than a rental period.

This type of housing is typically fully furnished and includes utilities. They also offer flexible rental contracts often in 30-day increments.

Why choose corporate housing

Competitive housing market

The housing market, especially in the major cities of the Netherlands, is highly competitive. As there is more demand than there are available housing options, it can take much effort and time to find one. As properties become available for rent, many people apply for the same one. A limited inventory of homes, ever-changing market trends and new local laws can make it challenging for approval when applying to rent a property. 

For relocating employees, this means that the home-finding period can be longer than a month, especially in bigger cities. To combat this obstacle, relocation experts will often recommend corporate housing. Through corporate housing, employees can search for their new homes stress-free.

A comfortable transition

The settling in and integration of the employees are sensitive parts of the relocation process. A corporate housing will often offer all the utilities and amenities your employee might need, from electricity to plates and towels. In instances, talent can already register at local municipalities during their stay in the right temporary housing. This allows employees to avoid missing any important steps along their relocation journey. In addition, this period between the talent’s arrival and settling into their permanent housing is when they get to know their new environment. Making sure that they have comfortable temporary accommodation ensures that they have a better integration process.

Tip Most corporate housings will also allow you to register with the address. This is an important advantage. Registering at your local municipality and getting your BSN number as soon as possible is crucial for most formal arrangements. You will not be able to register with the address at a hotel or an Airbnb.

Talent attraction and retention

Making sure that the employees are comfortable and stress-free during the home-finding period means that your employees can start their new lives properly and focus on their work. Thus, productivity will increase along with employee satisfaction and protect your corporate investment.

Another important advantage of corporate housing offered as a part of the relocation package is talent attraction. Nowadays many job seekers will eliminate companies who do not offer their desired services. Offering a well-rounded relocation package will attract many employees who are looking for a position abroad. Moreover, if you are transferring employees already working for your company, offering a corporate housing solution may play an important role in whether the talent stays with your company or decides the relocation package does not meet their requirements. An attractive relocation package that ensures a smooth transition also ensures that your employees successfully settle in and start their assignments in a new host country.

How to manage corporate housing costs

Many employers refrain from offering corporate housing because of the possible costs it will bring with it. But as we have explained, often not offering corporate housing can come with undesired consequences like more expenses or unproductive employees. Although there are ways to cut costs when offering temporary housing, it’s important to be realistic about the expenses; this is where you can rely on a trusted relocation expert for proper guidance.

Home-finding trips

One tip every relocation expert will give you is to increase the number of days spent on home-finding trips. The reason for needing corporate housing is to be able to comfortably find permanent housing. Consequently, it is crucial to keep this period to a minimum in order to minimise costs. By offering your employees more home-finding trips in their relocation packages, you increase their chances of finding their perfect home. Focusing on home-finding and limiting the corporate housing period is often the solution to cut relocation costs for your company.

Relocation experts

Home-finding is often the biggest concern when relocating employees. In order to save time, money and energy, it is always advisable to consult a relocation expert. Destination service providers will often offer services that cover all aspects of the relocation process. With the help of a relocation expert, corporate housing and home-finding will be taken care of much easier and more efficiently. This ensures a stress-free and desirable process for the employer and employees.


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