Are you thinking of relocating employees or your company office to the Netherlands? With its multilingual nature, international business focus, educated workforce, and public transportation system, the Netherlands is the perfect place to serve the European market. To make your move as smooth as possible, we have created a complete company relocation guide for you.

Preparation and Research 

Besides being an exciting journey, moving to the Netherlands can also be stress-free with proper preparation. But where do you start? Effective planning and absorbing all there is to know about your new destination are vital.

You might consider seeking insights and essential destination information about:

  • The (local) housing market
  • Registrations and (work) permits
  • Taxes and regulations
  • Moving and Logistics
  • The healthcare system
  • Integration

Home Finding

During your relocation process, an important step will be home-finding. Or maybe your company needs a new office to work from. In terms of how difficult it is to find the perfect property, it completely depends on which area of the Netherlands you’re moving to.

Are you moving, for example, to the north of the Netherlands? Prepare yourself to have all the space you want! If you’re moving to Amsterdam, you’ll discover that the amount of available and fitting properties gets smaller. It can take time to find the perfect home in and around the big cities of the Netherlands.

Some questions you might consider asking are:

  • Are you looking for temporary or long-term accommodation?
  • Are you looking for a property to buy or rent?
  • Where do you, your employees or your company need to be located?

Work Permits and Visa

For everyone who does not have EU, EEA, or Swiss nationality, to relocate to the Netherlands, you’ll need to arrange work permits and visas. You can find all the necessary information in our blog about work permits and visas or on the Dutch Government website.

Moving Items from A to B

Depending on your preferences, you may also need to move complete households. You can benefit from moving services to complete your move with ease.

Dutch Healthcare System

The Dutch healthcare system is divided into three compartments:

  • Long-term care for chronic conditions.
  • Basic and essential medical care, from GP visits to short-term hospital stays and specialist appointments or procedures.
  • Supplementary care (e.g. dental care, physiotherapy, cosmetic procedures).

The first step in healthcare in the Netherlands is to take out healthcare insurance. Everyone in the Netherlands is legally required to have at least a base level of insurance, and this must be done within the first four months of arrival. The next advised step is to register with a local dentist and general practitioner (GP).

Childcare and Schooling

Are you or your employees making the move to the Netherlands with kids? The education system in the Netherlands might be different from the one you are used to. It may help to do prior research to give children the best start in their new home by choosing the right school.

Integration and Settling-In

Integrating into a new country can be daunting. Luckily, the Netherlands is known for its international culture. Rarely will you find someone who doesn’t speak English, especially in major cities. Interested in learning the Dutch language or learning everything there is to know about Dutch culture? There are numerous language classes and cultural integration services to choose from.


As a Netherlands-based relocation agency, we understand what you, your company, or your employees need to relocate to and integrate into the Netherlands. We offer various relocation services to make any move as smooth as possible. Contact us to talk to one of our specialists. Relocating to the Netherlands has never been easier with Jimble.

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Every company, every employer and employee, and therefore every experience, is unique. This is something we thoroughly understand. It has been inspiring and insightful working with different businesses and the migrating.

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