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You’ve found the perfect employees abroad and want to start working with them sooner rather than later. But before you can fly them over, you’ll need to figure out what kinds of work permits you have to obtain for them. It completely depends on the length you’re planning to hire your employees when it comes to the type of work visa they’ll need.

Work permits and visas in the Netherlands

Work permits in the Netherlands are divided into permanent and temporary visas. In order to obtain these different types of permits you need to deal with institutions such as UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) and IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Services). Luckily these are both organizations that are easy to get in contact with. The IND even has a seperate hotline for Brexit, if you’re dealing with employees that are moving from the UK.

Less than 90 days in the Netherlands

Are you planning to hire your employees for less than 90 days? If so, you can obtain a work permit for your staff through the UWV. They will be able to use the permit for a maximum of 1 year. After this period of time, your company can apply for a renewal.

The single work permit

If your employees are staying longer than 3 months in the Netherlands, you will have to apply for a combined residence and work visa. This single permit can be obtained through the IND and allows your staff to work and live in the Netherlands.

The permanent basis of this document means that your employees will need to fully relocate to the Netherlands. You can find tips on how to do this cost effectively in our blog about how to reduce relocation costs

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Temporary projects

It’s also possible to hire employees on a temporary basis if the work doesn’t compete with labour supply from the Netherlands and the EU. In this case you won’t need to apply for a work permit, but you do need to get in touch with the UWV to get the project approved. 

Apply for a work permit or work visa in the Netherlands

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