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Smart devices are practically useless if we don’t make the most of them. Luckily, here in the Netherlands, whether you’re dealing with an official process with the municipality, or just shopping around for pillows, an app probably exists to guide you on your journey.


Starting with the most useful, having the DigiD app (short for Digital ID) can simplify a lot of governmental processes in the Netherlands. From taxes to educational forms, healthcare institutions—and even when managing pension funds—this simple app allows you to digitally identify yourself and proceed in your government-related processes with peace of mind.

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In cases of emergencies, we call the authorities. But there’s an app for that in the Netherlands, and it allows non-Dutch speakers or English speakers, and individuals with hearing or visual impairments, to contact the Dutch emergency services: police, fire brigade, and ambulance, on one platform. Users can also grant the app access to their location so emergency services can reach them faster.

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Google Translate

What if you’re faced with a train announcement in Dutch and are unsure what it means? Or maybe you’re already picking up some Dutch, but there’s a vegetable you’re trying to find at the store, and you’re not quite sure what the word for it is. That’s where Google Translate comes to the rescue, with its camera translation and annotation options in addition to the classic type of translation.

Tip Make sure to download the Dutch language pack for expansive use, even when offline.

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Welcome to NL

Are you relocating to the Netherlands? Then this app is a must — it’s so well designed that we get slightly jealous talking about it.

Welcome to NL is a comprehensive relocation app that will be your guide you through the process of moving to the Netherlands as organized as possible. The app will outline all of the tasks you will need to complete prior to and upon your arrival so you know exactly what to do before moving to the Netherlands, when you arrive, and when you settle in.

To download the app, you must register your information to receive a customized download link via email.

Banking Apps

Having the option to manage your banking on the go is a must, and although the Netherlands isn’t exactly credit card friendly, the use of debit cards remains the most convenient throughout most of the country. Our preferred bank is ABN Amro (Apple | Android), but regardless of what bank you choose to complete transactions through in the Netherlands, make sure you have their app on your main screen.

Tip The Netherlands isn’t entirely cashless, so always carry some backup cash for when you hit local markets or small shops. It’s better to be safe than return empty-handed.


One thing to learn and accept about the Netherlands is that the weather is can be very unpredictable, all year round, think Snow in March unpredictable. With moody weather come disturbances and delays, so the best way to be prepared is to be informed. This is where we would recommend having a trusty weather app for the ever-changing weather. While it doesn’t guarantee 100% accuracy at all times, it is far better to be prepared in a waterproof jacket than sorry.

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Similar Apps to consider Buienradar (Apple | Android | Website)


Sure the Netherlands is known to be a flat and smallish country, but the ways to travel these flatlands are ever so versatile. From trains, buses, trams, and even ferries, with this app, you can plan your day’s journey ahead, from A to Z, using one method of public transport after the other.

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Similar Apps to consider NS (Apple | Android) GVB (Apple | Android)


Are you seeking an emerald-green lampshade from the late 1950s? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to get rid of your old mattress to make way for a new one. Whatever it is, in the used merchandise realm of the Netherlands, you’re sure to find it through Marktplaats.

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General stores and supermarkets in the Netherlands roll out new deals on weekly basis. Instead of having to physically visit the store for their available deals, this app offers a one-stop shop to find out the latest (and greatest) deals at your local stores so you can snatch them bright and early each week.

For Apple devices download here | For Android devices download here | Reclamefolder Official website


Operating in 15 EU countries, including the Netherlands, Vinted offers second-hand clothing shoppers and thrifters a chance to browse and offer items online through one well-loved platform. The finds can range from casual items to brand names, so each shopper can search for what’s suitable.

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Too Good To Go

Surprise food experiences? Check. A way to combat food waste? Check. It’s wholesome if you ask us; with offerings for meals, desserts, smoothies, and more, Too Good To Go is the app that offers you the chance to simultaneously accomplish both targets.

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Do you walk a lot? Or maybe you aspire to but just lack the motivation. We’re in Amsterdam, so we do our fair share of walking, for sure. In a nutshell, this app pays you to walk in its own currency, and then you get to spend your earnings on goodies or even donate them to a cause of your choice. So go ahead, no more excuses; close those circles.

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Major Dutch stores throughout the Netherlands tend to offer a range of different loyalty programmes. Stores like Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Kruidvat, Hema, Etos, IKEA, and more offer either a physical or digital format of their loyalty cards, but seriously, who has the wallet space (or phone storage) to carry all of those cards and apps? That’s where Stocard can help, as one app to store all of your loyalty cards for the next time you’re at the checkout.

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While providing some of the most useful applications in the Netherlands, we hope these recommendations help smooth the settling-in process, assist you in navigating your new environment, and help you save some time and money. If you have more settling-in questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us—Jimble, the experts in all things relocation related.




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