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Our Top Picks for Helpful Apps to Use in the Netherlands

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Smart devices are practically useless if we don’t make the most of them. Luckily, here in the Netherlands, whether you’re dealing with an official process with the municipality, or just shopping around for pillows, an app probably exists to guide you on your journey.


Starting with the most useful, having the DigiD app (short for Digital ID) can simplify a lot of governmental processes in the Netherlands. From taxes to educational forms, healthcare institutions—and even when managing pension funds—this simple app allows you to digitally identify yourself and proceed in your government-related processes with peace of mind.

For Apple devices download here | For Android devices download here


In cases of emergencies, we call the authorities. But there’s an app for that in the Netherlands, and it allows non-Dutch speakers or English speakers, and individuals with hearing or visual impairments, to contact the Dutch emergency services: police, fire brigade, and ambulance, on one platform. Users can also grant the app access to their location so emergency services can reach them faster.

For Apple devices download here | For Android devices download here

Google Translate

What if you’re faced with a train announcement in Dutch and are unsure what it means? Or maybe you’re already picking up some Dutch, but there’s a vegetable you’re trying to find at the store, and you’re not quite sure what the word for it is. That’s where Google Translate comes to the rescue, with its camera translation and annotation options in addition to the classic type of translation.

Tip Make sure to download the Dutch language pack for expansive use, even when offline.

For Apple devices download here | For Android devices download here

Welcome to NL

Are you relocating to the Netherlands? Then this app is a must — it’s so well designed that we get slightly jealous talking about it.

Welcome to NL is a comprehensive relocation app that will be your guide you through the process of moving to the Netherlands as organized as possible. The app will outline all of the tasks you will need to complete prior to and upon your arrival so you know exactly what to do before moving to the Netherlands, when you arrive, and when you settle in.

To download the app, you must register your information to receive a customized download link via email.

Banking Apps

Having the option to manage your banking on the go is a must, and although the Netherlands isn’t exactly credit card friendly, the use of debit cards remains the most convenient throughout most of the country. Our preferred bank is ABN Amro (Apple | Android), but regardless of what bank you choose to complete transactions through in the Netherlands, make sure you have their app on your main screen.

Tip The Netherlands isn’t entirely cashless, so always carry some backup cash for when you hit local markets or small shops. It’s better to be safe than return empty-handed.


One thing to learn and accept about the Netherlands is that the weather is can be very unpredictable, all year round, think Snow in March unpredictable. With moody weather come disturbances and delays, so the best way to be prepared is to be informed. This is where we would recommend having a trusty weather app for the ever-changing weather. While it doesn’t guarantee 100% accuracy at all times, it is far better to be prepared in a waterproof jacket than sorry.

For Apple devices download here | For Android devices download here 

Similar Apps to consider Buienradar (Apple | Android | Website)


Sure the Netherlands is known to be a flat and smallish country, but the ways to travel these flatlands are ever so versatile. From trains, buses, trams, and even ferries, with this app, you can plan your day’s journey ahead, from A to Z, using one method of public transport after the other.

For Apple devices download here | For Android devices download here 

Similar Apps to consider NS (Apple | Android) GVB (Apple | Android)


Are you seeking an emerald-green lampshade from the late 1950s? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to get rid of your old mattress to make way for a new one. Whatever it is, in the used merchandise realm of the Netherlands, you’re sure to find it through Marktplaats.

For Apple devices download here | For Android devices download here | Marktplaats Official website


General stores and supermarkets in the Netherlands roll out new deals on weekly basis. Instead of having to physically visit the store for their available deals, this app offers a one-stop shop to find out the latest (and greatest) deals at your local stores so you can snatch them bright and early each week.

For Apple devices download here | For Android devices download here | Reclamefolder Official website


Operating in 15 EU countries, including the Netherlands, Vinted offers second-hand clothing shoppers and thrifters a chance to browse and offer items online through one well-loved platform. The finds can range from casual items to brand names, so each shopper can search for what’s suitable.

For Android devices download here | For Apple devices download here | Vinted Official website

Too Good To Go

Surprise food experiences? Check. A way to combat food waste? Check. It’s wholesome if you ask us; with offerings for meals, desserts, smoothies, and more, Too Good To Go is the app that offers you the chance to simultaneously accomplish both targets.

For Apple devices download here | For Android devices download here


Do you walk a lot? Or maybe you aspire to but just lack the motivation. We’re in Amsterdam, so we do our fair share of walking, for sure. In a nutshell, this app pays you to walk in its own currency, and then you get to spend your earnings on goodies or even donate them to a cause of your choice. So go ahead, no more excuses; close those circles.

For Apple devices download here | For Android devices download here


Major Dutch stores throughout the Netherlands tend to offer a range of different loyalty programmes. Stores like Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Kruidvat, Hema, Etos, IKEA, and more offer either a physical or digital format of their loyalty cards, but seriously, who has the wallet space (or phone storage) to carry all of those cards and apps? That’s where Stocard can help, as one app to store all of your loyalty cards for the next time you’re at the checkout.

For Apple devices download here | For Android devices download here

While providing some of the most useful applications in the Netherlands, we hope these recommendations help smooth the settling-in process, assist you in navigating your new environment, and help you save some time and money. If you have more settling-in questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us—Jimble, the experts in all things relocation related.




Sustainable Shopping in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is one of those cities that actually make sustainable living effortless. From observing a ban on free plastic bags to combat plastic pollution to offering conscious shopping options in various neighborhoods, the city’s goal to actively engage residents with its overall sustainability plan is remarkable.

As an answer to the rising consumers’ demand for sustainable products and shopping formats, the city of Amsterdam steps up, offering creative and easy-to-adopt solutions that appeal to many. The most popular solutions include:

Zero-Waste Shops

Zero-waste shops across Amsterdam work with the concept of providing their goods to consumers in an eco-friendly manner.

The products offered at zero-waste shops are largely organic, locally sourced, and unpackaged. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers to shop for bulk items or to use paper bags from the shop.

What’s great about this zero-waste concept is that it also nudges larger stores like Albert Heijn to think more sustainably. For example, earlier this year, the chain introduced packaging-free shopping at some locations, where customers could fill reusable bags or jars with loose products like pasta, tea, and nuts.

Did you know? Amsterdam restaurants are doing their part too! Before you make your next dinner plans, make sure to check out IAmsterdam’s list of sustainable and low-waste dining options available around the city.

Sustainable Clothing

Whether it’s in the form of buying second-hand clothes, investing in pieces that last longer, or purchasing clothing items made of upcycled material, Amsterdam offers it all.

Aside from having ethical and sustainable Dutch brands on the market, the widespread availability of pre-loved vintage clothing stores within Amsterdam is simply applause-worthy.

To top it all off, fashion startups in the capital have made it their mission to address this issue, launching initiatives and creating businesses that serve sustainability-conscious consumers.

Scotch & Soda, an Amsterdam-based turned global brand, is one example. In keeping with its mission, the company publishes an annual sustainability report highlighting major milestones.

Reusable Products

Cotton shopping bags, bamboo coffee cups, silicone baking mats, and reusable sandwich wraps, are all part of the fast-paced city living of Amsterdam.

The next time you’re at a cafe, don’t be shy to ask if using your own reusable cup is possible. Another good to know is that some local restaurants are partnered with Amsterdam-based SwapBox, a zero-waste reusable packaging service, so you can enjoy your next takeout order in their packaging at no cost to you!

Farm-to-Shelf Solutions

Amsterdam, among many things, is a market city, which not only enforces farm-to-shelf practices but also combats shop-enforced waste — because buying one plastic-wrapped bell pepper at the supermarket is questionable.

Additionally, shopping at markets directly supports workers, and gives you a chance to explore the local culture and include in-season ingredients in your diet.

If you’re new to Amsterdam, or an existing Amsterdammer, we hope you recognize and participate in the different eco-friendly aspects of this great city. And if you are considering this green city as the next destination for you, your family, or your business, don’t hesitate to contact us, your local destination service provider as the experts on everything related to moving to Amsterdam.


Important Emergency Numbers and Services in the Netherlands

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Whether you’re preparing for your relocation to the Netherlands or you’re already here, starting to settle the best way you could. Having the emergency numbers on hand is key to any move, even if you’re at your destination for a short term as emergencies can happen on a whim and when you least expect it. 

If the Netherlands is your end destination, then Jimble did the heavy lifting for you by compiling a list, or a directory if you will, of the most critical emergency and service numbers needed for your stay.

Tip Most of the websites we discuss below are only offered in Dutch. Our recommendation is to view them through Google Chrome so you can translate their content to your preferred language.

112 for Life-Threatening Emergencies & Accidents 

For any life-threatening situation you encounter in the Netherlands, similar to the rest of Europe, the number to dial is 112. The operators of this toll-free hotline can connect you with the police, fire department, or an ambulance based on the type of emergency you’re encountering.

Can’t speak Dutch? Geen problem as the operators speak English, and can possibly help in German, and French as well.

Did you know? There’s a 112 app that we would highly recommend having on your phone while in the Netherlands for a quick and GPS-accurate access to emergency lines in life-threatening situations. Moreover, the app allows you to text with the emergency operators, and translate the texts into 109 different languages.

Emergency & Non-emergency Contacts


For non-emergency cases where you need to contact the police, you can dial 0900-8844 or file an official report through their website.

Additionally, if you would like to provide anonymous information to the police regarding a crime or a suspicion of a crime,  that can also be done either through Meld Misdaad Anoniem or by calling 0800 7000.

Gas & Power Outages

Please call 0800 9009 as a general line for gas and power outages, or you can visit the national gas and electricity failure website which, based on your location, can direct you to your gas or power provider to follow up with them regarding outages in your area.

Medical, Health, & Personal Safety Services

It happens to the best and healthiest of us, you’re home on Saturday with a full weekend planned ahead and suddenly your wisdom tooth decides it longer wants to quietly sit in the back of your mouth or you feel a pain shooting down your spine out of the blue. For those unfortunate cases, continue reading.

Important Having healthcare insurance is mandatory for everyone residing or working in the Netherlands, not optional. While receiving emergency treatment is still possible with out-of-pocket fees, if you don’t apply for Dutch health insurance within 4 months of your arrival, you will get a letter from the Dutch Healthcare Institute (CAK) reminding you to do so, or else you’ll be charged with a fine for not complying.

Emergency Medical Services 

If your medical state doesn’t require requesting an ambulance through 112 or visiting the hospital’s emergency department directly, always check with your existing GP for listed emergency services, or what’s called “huisartsenpost” in the Netherlands.
If you call your GP’s line after hours, chances are their recording machine will recommend either 112 for emergencies or an assigned huisartsenpost for after-hours help, and that’s who you should be visiting for urgent but non-emergency medical services on a Saturday evening for example. You can also look for the nearest available huisartsenpost if none was recommended.

Tip The huisartsenpost doubles as a layer for triage purposes. So if you do in fact need to visit the emergency room at the hospital, they will refer you there, which is not only the proper chain to follow, but it also saves your insurance’s deductible “eigen risico” as it won’t be affected if you are referred.

In the cases where you need to head to the emergency department at a hospital directly and immediately, a full list of all hospital locations throughout the Netherlands is available via You can search the list for the nearest hospital location based on your zip code or province.

Emergency Dental Services

Similar to medical emergencies, always consult with your dentist’s website or staff for recommended weekend hours or locations if available.

Additionally, Speed Tandarts offers a comprehensive list of emergency dentists based on your province.

Emergency Pharmacy Services

You lucked out and received a timely treatment after business hours or on the weekend, but the question is, what if you need some prescription painkillers or antibiotics, and your pharmacy isn’t open until Monday? Since prescription drugs can only be prescribed by doctors in the Netherlands, then the office you visited should’ve got you covered by sending your info to an available pharmacy.

You can also visit for a full list of pharmacies near you with their opening hours, which includes listings of pharmacies open on weekends and with late hours. 

Emergency Animal Services

The welfare of your furry friend also matters, therefore “dierenambulance ” or animal ambulance is an emergency service to keep in mind when reaching your vet is not possible. Each city offers its own dierenambulance service, which the Federation of Animal Ambulances Netherlands (FDN) lists through their website based on region.

Tip Always check the ambulance service website for a list of prices and services they provide. Some listed agencies offer city-based services like rescuing wild animals or informational material regarding local wildlife.

Suicide Prevention Line

If you or someone close to you are thinking about suicide, please call the suicide prevention line at 113. The line is available 24/7 and may be contacted anonymously.

Alcoholics Anonymous Netherlands (AA)

Alcoholics Anonymous is an international support group organization in which individuals share their experiences and strength in which they face and recover from alcoholism. In the Netherlands, you can contact AA by calling 020 625 60 57 or visiting the AA Netherlands website directly.

Domestic Violence Reporting

Are you experiencing domestic violence or have you witnessed incidents of abuse of children or the elderly? For non-emergency reporting, you can file a report by calling the 24/7 line at 0800 2000 or chat anonymously with a specialist through the Veiligthuis website between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Children between the ages of 8 and 18 in the Netherlands can call the Childline “De Kindertelefoon” by dialing 0800 0432 or chatting with them online through their website.
The conversations and the advice provided can cover anything and everything in the child’s life: from emotional health, problems with friends or parents, being bullied at school, or even simply discussing a difficult test that’s coming up at school.

Fraud Reporting

Fraud Helpdesk

The Fraud Helpdesk is designed to help in the case of any type of fraud. Essentially, they provide you with the information needed to complete any required forms through the proper channels, whether you need to escalate to the police or the Office of Identity Data. More importantly, the website displays active fraud warnings so you’re well-informed and aware of current scams. You can reach the Fraud Helpdesk by calling 088 786 7372 or directly through their website.

Healthcare Fraud

In order to combat fraud in the healthcare sector, the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA) created an online patients’ portal where you can report incidents where you believe you’re being incorrectly charged by a healthcare provider or waiting too long for a healthcare service

Personal Identity Fraud

Did you notice that someone is impersonating you on a social media profile? Is someone mishandling a copy of your ID for unauthorized use? Then you need to file an online claim with the National Office for Identity Data (RvIG).

Government Agencies & Services

The Public Information Service, Government of the Netherlands

Although the Dutch Government website is loaded with useful information from every corner possible of all types of government agencies, sometimes a specific question occurs that only an expert can help you with. You can also call 1400 between 8 a.m to 8 p.m, Monday through Friday to speak to someone at the Public Information Service.

Additionally, through MijnOverheid you can view and receive messages from the Dutch government and review your own personal data with them.

Municipal Services

You got married outside the Netherlands and you want to know what to submit to your local government. Perhaps you have a quick question for your municipality but you’re not sure if you need an appointment at your local municipality office to discuss it. Our recommendation is to always check your municipality’s website first, because more than likely, the process you’re seeking is explained in detail there or can be done online using your DigID

Not sure what your municipality is and would like to contact them? The solution is simple, head over to Zoekplaats and enter your zip code for a full list of municipal information based on where you live.

Foreign Embassies & Consulates

Expat affairs are many, and sometimes you’ll need some legal documents or consultation from your country’s embassy in the Netherlands. For Dutchies abroad, the case is similar, and luckily the Dutch government website created an online directory of all embassies and consulates in the Netherlands as well as Dutch embassies worldwide.

Tip Another great one-stop-shop for internationals in the Netherlands is Netherlands Worldwide. You can cruise this handy website for any travel-related information. From how to ship your car to the Netherlands to current travel advice, it’s all there.

Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets

If you’re in the Netherlands, then you’re a consumer of the Dutch market. Therefore, you need to be aware of the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) office and its services.
This agency offers ample information to the consumers in the Dutch market regarding their rights, obligations, and how to handle different situations they encounter all through their website.
You may also contact them directly by calling 070 756 86 11.

Tip The ACM created a reservoir for helpful sample letters which can be used by you as a consumer when communicating with Dutch businesses and agencies. Make sure to check those out.

We hope this list better equips you with the information needed in different cases of emergency during your stay in the Netherlands. Remember that being well prepared can save your life and that those around you, be safe, Jimble loves you. ?

working abroad helps creativity

Why Working Abroad Boosts Your Creativity

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Are you considering accepting a job offer overseas and wondering about the possible benefits of this bold move from a personal and professional growth perspective? Or are you already working abroad and you are curious to find out how this international working experience has transformed you? Living and working abroad has been proven beneficial in more than one way, especially when it comes to boosting your creativity, and here is why.

Living abroad improves your creative thinking ability

According to recent studies, living overseas and being exposed to different cultures has been demonstrated to improve creative thinking ability. It goes without saying that while living abroad you interact with people with different cultural backgrounds and, consequently, different languages, values, customs, and ways of thinking. The more you interact with diverse cultures, the more aware you become of cultural differences.

Higher cultural awareness is associated with adaptability skills since living abroad means seeing the world through a new lens, adapting to new norms and cultures and getting out of your comfort zone. It is also associated with different traits such as risk-taking, ambition, flexibility, and open-mindedness. This international work experience facilitates flexibility of ideas, boosts creative thinking and helps overcome cultural biases and existing barriers. While working abroad, you will inevitably cooperate with a diverse set of people and you will have to be open to new ideas, and learn how to successfully communicate cross-culturally. 

Cross-cultural experiences are key drives of creativity and help you think “out of the box”

These cross-cultural experiences are key drivers of creativity since they help you think “out of the box” and approach problems and tasks from different angles. After working abroad and immersing yourself in a foreign culture, you have interacted with diverse audiences, you have become a more competent communicator, and you have enhanced your cultural knowledge. All these add up to your international experience and boost your creative thinking and performance. When you are living abroad, even everyday life situations spark your creativity. Every new sound, smell, taste, or any other sensation can become a source of imagination.

Let’s discuss your relocation situation

Relocating to the Netherlands could be that little extra something that will help you professionally as well as personally, and Jimble is here to make sure you enjoy this new journey and to guide you through each step! Head over to our relocation services page and find out more or get in touch by scheduling a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss your situation!

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