Are you considering accepting a job offer overseas and wondering about the possible benefits of this bold move from a personal and professional growth perspective? Or are you already working abroad and you are curious to find out how this international working experience has transformed you? Living and working abroad has been proven beneficial in more than one way, especially when it comes to boosting your creativity, and here is why.

Living abroad improves your creative thinking ability

According to recent studies, living overseas and being exposed to different cultures has been demonstrated to improve creative thinking ability. It goes without saying that while living abroad you interact with people with different cultural backgrounds and, consequently, different languages, values, customs, and ways of thinking. The more you interact with diverse cultures, the more aware you become of cultural differences.

Higher cultural awareness is associated with adaptability skills since living abroad means seeing the world through a new lens, adapting to new norms and cultures and getting out of your comfort zone. It is also associated with different traits such as risk-taking, ambition, flexibility, and open-mindedness. This international work experience facilitates flexibility of ideas, boosts creative thinking and helps overcome cultural biases and existing barriers. While working abroad, you will inevitably cooperate with a diverse set of people and you will have to be open to new ideas, and learn how to successfully communicate cross-culturally.

Cross-cultural experiences are key drives of creativity and help you think “out of the box”

These cross-cultural experiences are key drivers of creativity since they help you think “out of the box” and approach problems and tasks from different angles. After working abroad and immersing yourself in a foreign culture, you have interacted with diverse audiences, you have become a more competent communicator, and you have enhanced your cultural knowledge. All these add up to your international experience and boost your creative thinking and performance. When you are living abroad, even everyday life situations spark your creativity. Every new sound, smell, taste, or any other sensation can become a source of imagination.

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