“Relocation” to move for reasons of business to a new area or place of employment”.

Tailored service

Jimble offers relocation services tailored to the specific needs. Our professional team, each one a specialist in his/her area. This, combined with our wide network of professional contacts, enables us to cover all aspects of the relocation process. We work proactively and make the international move easier for everyone involved.

We can coordinate the whole process from door to door with a single point of contact for all inquiries.

We help newcomers, expats, and re-migrating Dutchies to adapt faster, better, and smoother in their new Dutch environment, and in particular assisting with the following services:


Moving & Logistics

We assist in moving your goods from A to B


Settling-in services

Registration, immigration, local doctor and dentist, bank account, internet/TV and more...


Integration services

School selection, Dutch language, driving License swap, 30% ruling and more.


Specialized services

Concierge, translation, VIP service and more.