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First-class relocation services are important when moving to The Netherlands for work. We offer a wide range of services for expat, employee and company relocation in Amsterdam and beyond. 

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Relocation to the Netherlands

Happy, settled employees, surely this is something all companies strive for. A sense of purpose, energy levels and productivity heighten, a new-found ability to reach that full potential. Moving places should be fuel to the engine, something to look forward to instead of an endeavor that adds a lot of stresses to one’s daily life. That’s why efficient relocation services are so important. We at Jimble dial in one’s personal wants and wishes, lay out the best options, take away any decision fatigue and of course hassle around paperwork.

Are you, your employees or is your company relocating to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague or any other major city or village in the Netherlands? Get in touch with our experienced relocation team!

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Expat and company relocation services

We support your business and employees through a wide range of relocation services

The Netherlands is a tightly organized country. Which is one of the reasons why it’s such an enjoyable place to live, but at first settling in can become so bureaucratic that it intervenes with a fuss-free moving experience. From a bank account in The Netherlands to registration with a so-called BSN-number (unique citizen service number) at the municipality of Amsterdam; a working visa;  getting up to speed with DigiD (online identification tool to sort out anything with the Dutch government, educational and healthcare institutions and so on) to the lowdown on how expat health insurance in The Netherlands actually works.

Sound like a lot? No worries, we are here to take care of everything. Allow us to be your trusted relocation ally in or around Amsterdam or any of the other beautiful cities The Netherlands has to offer. Let’s discuss your company needs.

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Employee and company relocation services for the Netherlands


Moving & Logistics

We assist in moving your goods from A to B

Moving services

Settling-in services

Registration, immigration, local doctor and dentist, bank account, internet/TV and more...

Settling-in services

Integration services

School selection, Dutch language, driving License swap, 30% ruling and more.

Integration services

Specialized services

Concierge, translation, VIP service and more.

Specialized services

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How we go about our relocation management
for employee and company relocation

Highly personalized

Bespoke moving services in The Netherlands tailored to a team member and family’s or a whole group of your companies’ relocating employees’ personal requirements. This is the starting point from where any relocation should take flight. Anyone looking for a certain type of expat doctor or expat dentist in Amsterdam? In need of someone to easily explain what childcare benefits in The Netherlands entail without having to browse and read through tons of government material? We are here to take it all out of your hands and offer support every step of the way. At Jimble we believe in tailor-made relocation support. You’ll get one of our team members assigned to you (only one call, text or e-mail away) who will go the distance to ensure managing employee relocation feels like a walk in the park.

Experienced and organized

We have been around the block and then some. Meaning, we know how to navigate bumps in the road and make sure one always ends up with the best possible solution. In fact, one will not even notice that bump. We’ve got you covered. Also, we know exactly which experts to consult when expats are looking for, say, a very specific type of housing or education for children in The Netherlands. It doesn’t matter if it’s a matter of relocating one single employee or hundreds of new expats, domestically or internationally, short or longer term: we can help and do so in a way that’s clear and well-structured.

Cultural savvy

Allow us to be your or your employees’ first friend into a new world. Sometimes it can be difficult at first to really get to know a culture, understand and possibly adopt little habits, getting in touch with locals. If desired, we’ll offer that ‘local experience’ so you or any new, relocating member on your team feels part of the community that’s possibly theirs for years to come.

A glimpse of some of the moving services we offer:

  • Preview trip through a new hometown and neighborhood of choice
  • All the paperwork that comes with departure and settling-in, down to tasks we don’t want anyone to fuss over like internet providers and connection
  • Dream home finding with the help of in-the-know experts
  • Advice and a way into the best state, private or international schools for children so they have a bright future ahead
  • One-call-away continuous support whenever a question, issue or special request comes up with (to name an example) expat tax in The Netherlands

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