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Integration services in the Netherlands

Daily life as an expat living in the Netherlands can have its deterrents, particularly  when it comes to integrating with locals. Jimble’s expat integration services will focus  on making your new life easier by providing our adept guidance towards a proper  integration. Culture shock can be inevitable and can arise without warning. We can  improve your comprehensive understanding when dealing with this divergence and  yield appropriate actions to overcome related matters. 

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Integrate into a new country

When relocating and taking a new work assignment internationally, cultural  differences and impressions are often overlooked. While this may be true, educating  oneself on the country’s culture and language can help you adapt to your new  environment and infrastructure much faster.

There are a variety of training programs  to choose from for your entire family, including your spouse, children and not to  forget your pets. These programs will help you integrate into the culture, operate  better during daily activities, gather a greater understanding of the people and overall  contribute to you relishing life in your new country.

Stress-free integration services

Jimble trusts that investing time into our clients and utilizing this opportunity to  understand them as people is a key factor when it comes to integration guidance. A  seasoned consultant will know in advance what type of hurdles their client may face  before it happens. When integrating it is paramount to educate clients on housing  markets, traditions, people, traffic, weather, current-events, and local economics.

We appreciate giving your relocation a personal, tailor-made, touch with the long  term residuals always in mind for your benefit. A higher understanding of these points will serve as a solid foundation towards your enjoyment and integration. Not to  mention can significantly reduce the amount of stress involving acclimation to your  new home and in addition, can increase your workplace success simultaneously.

Your relocation partner in the Netherlands

Jimble offers extensive integration services to educate expat assignees and their  families surrounding multi-cultural obstacles and how to overcome them, they  include: youth cultural training programs, destination briefings, language training,  family services, child benefit, spouse advising, pet support, cross-cultural training,  business training, and self-awareness testing. Our training services are inclusive to  individuals, families and corporate groups tailor made to your specific needs. 

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