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Settling-in the Netherlands

Culture shock is a real thing, in most cases it is never an easy process to resolve or  understand, especially for an entire family. It is necessary to have settling-in services  in the Netherlands in order to have a positive introduction to your new home. Many of  your first encounters will surely set the tone for your relocation; which reinforces the  importance of trusting someone who knows the formalities and the best solutions  aimed at creating a seamless transition. 

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Stress-free relocation to the Netherlands

Relocating to the Netherlands is thrilling, depending on one’s perspective it can also  be quite intimidating. Ultimately, there are a lot of choices to be made and the to-do  list appears never-ending. 

At Jimble, we zero-in on removing all the anxiety from your move when relocating  and settling-in to your new home. This allows our clients to enjoy the special  moments of their new adventure, after all it is not everyday you have such an  opportunity. Why not indulge in this life changing experience and rely on our refined  methods to get you settled-in?

Experienced consultants

Jimble offers immigration expertise and years of experience. Your personal  consultant will work as your day-to-day ally, in addition he/she will arrange your  itinerary to navigate you through the immigration process and coordinate all other registration procedures on your behalf.

All Jimble policies are aligned with the  relevant legislation and we actively advise on your applicable immigration and  registration course of actions. Your consultant will accompany you to municipality  appointments to educate you on legal actions and to ensure you are supported every  step of the way.

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Specialized service

Tailored settling-in services

Tailoring your services allows us to address your direct needs and budget; therefore  is evidence to be cost-effective solutions geared toward saving you on your  relocation. 

Jimble’s common provided settling-in services, following a consultation  introduction/analysis, are: itinerary development, immigration services, municipality  registration, financial advising, bank account setup, 30% tax ruling, temporary and  long-term housing, competitive contract negotiations, furniture rentals, utilities  connection, local doctor/dentist, academic research, insurance advising, driving  license conversions, and departure services just to name a few.

Your relocation partner in the Netherlands

Jimble’s approach and services guarantee a beneficial start and our proactiveness  allows our clients to take the liberty and focus on what matters to them during this  time. Our experts await to schedule a consultation to discover which settling-in services  best suit your relocation needs!

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