Tech enterprises of ambitions consider the Netherlands as one of the countries for tech in the world due to its importance as a “digital gateway to Europe.” To measure greatness in numbers, the country’s tech ecosystem was valued at €232 billion in 2020, making it the third-largest in Europe.

Multinationals and startups: technology companies lead

From scale-up tech companies to moguls, the Netherlands is home to companies of all sizes, sectors, and impact levels. Quantum computing, artificial intelligence, technology start-up innovation, and sustainable innovation are all top tech fields within the region.

Big tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and Cisco, are among the few with headquarters and centers in the Netherlands. The evolution of technology does not stop with private firms; the Dutch government has high tech on its strategic agenda. This approach consistently leads to ranking the country in top-tier positions worldwide.

Amsterdam: a thriving tech hub

Amsterdam is a booming technology hub. The city is a breeding environment for cross-sector alliances and ground-breaking ideas. From AI, FinTech, MedTech, and more; the country is home to industry titans, an international community, and a thriving startup culture.

Adding to the appeal of Amsterdam for tech companies is the city’s tech readiness, with communities such as Amsterdam Science Park (ASP), spread over 800,000 m2, the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI), a nationwide project for collaborative technology development in artificial intelligence involving academia, industry, and government, and Startup Village, a community of offices made up of a sea of containers housing startups.

Amsterdam has been a centre for European commerce as the Netherlands’ financial and business capital; therefore, it’s no surprise when the city’s named among the top EU cities for tech startups, head-to-head with Berlin and Stockholm.

Let Op! Top Dutch tech companies

The Netherlands’ technology scene is full of dashing Dutch names like Phillips, ASML, bunq, and more. But we know more greatness is on the way from these lowlands, with a number of tech startups and scale-ups to keep an eye on, including new10ReliveTestGorilla, and Tiqets, among others.



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