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Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is always an important value to highlight as more and more organisations try to adopt D&I practises in their hiring processes and foster D&I amongst their employees. The pandemic has also made organisations rethink and change their old ways of doing things to be able to cater to the well-being of their employees. While the benefits of having a diverse workforce are widely known (e.g., increased creativity, innovation, productivity, motivation, etc.), how does it relate to global mobility?

Global Mobility is key in driving a diverse workforce

This is where global mobility leaders step in. The role of global mobility in driving a diverse workforce is integral. For an organisation to be diverse, having an international presence is not the end goal but often just the beginning. Through D&I practices, global mobility organisations will gain a richer and healthier company culture. With a variety of language skills, experiences, and backgrounds within the organisation, companies will be able to offer better services to global markets.

What is the ideal skill set for an assignee population?

An organisation that demonstrates diversity and inclusion is one whose workforce, as well as their assignees, are representative of the wider population. Accurate representation reflects the organisation’s values while providing equal job opportunities in their industries, thus contributing to the D&I practises of the overall industry. 

When it comes to the ideal skill set an assignee population should have, cultural adaptability, flexibility, language skills, curiosity, and emotional intelligence are only some of the key employee characteristics that are essential to any successful global assignment. Building a diverse and inclusive work environment combined with global mobility practises will be one of the biggest contributors to building these skill sets within your organisation. Once these skills are integrated into the assignee population, not only will the assignment be successful, but the return on investment (ROI) will also increase.

Working remotely is the new normal

In our post-pandemic world, work-from-home has become a common practice for most organisations, and it is encouraging employers to be more flexible when it comes to addressing and meeting the needs of their employees.

The workforce is now more diverse as people from different cultures, living in different locations can work remotely on the same team. Suddenly, the office is not located in a set location but is spread around the globe. This demands increased inclusiveness and sensitivity from both employees and leaders.

Making sure that the assignee population represents the diversity of society as a whole is important to ensure success in an international assignment. Global mobility leaders have the chance to shape their organisation’s culture with D&I values and practices embedded in them. 

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