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Setting up relocation budget

Best practices for managing relocation budget and costs

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Relocating an employee requires a lot of organization from your company. Your employee might need to sell their house, or get a temporary house in their new home country, for example. All these responsibilities result in inevitable costs and setting up a relocation budget quickly becomes a necessity. In this blog, we will share best practices for doing this.

Employee relocation budget

Employee relocation expenses — what to expect

No one likes unpleasant surprises. That’s why you want to be prepared for the costs that come with relocating an employee. Before setting up a budget, you need to bring all the foreseen expenses together so that you have an overview of what to expect. When listing employee relocation expenses, you will have to keep at least the following in mind:

  • Accommodation – including selling or buying a house, finding a potential temporary home to rent etc.
  • Moving goods – moving furniture can be very expensive, this is something to keep in mind when budgeting
  • Travel – the move itself will cost money as well, think of plane tickets, extra fees for a travelling pet, rental car etc.

If you are looking for ways to reduce employee relocation costs, head over to our blog post on how to go about this. 

Setting up a relocation budget at the right time

When it comes to relocation, timing is everything, and the same goes for setting up a relocation budget. If you’re not prepared when you’re extending the offer to your employee, they might decide they don’t want to relocate for your company. Asking someone to leave their safe environment behind is not trivial and acknowledging that is crucial. That’s why the timing of setting up a relocation needs to be around the same time your employee receives the opportunity to relocate. 

This is especially important when you’re making use of a relocation company like Jimble. The reason for this is that we can take care of any concerns or questions your employee might have. After all, a lot will change, so naturally your staff will want to be reassured. When you use Jimble, you and your employee will be content knowing that everything is taken care of. In this way, your employee can ease into the new location, which means better performance for your company.

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starting a business in amsterdam

Why starting a business in Amsterdam is the next best thing

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Not only is Amsterdam one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it also has a thriving startup ecosystem. The city is exploding with entrepreneurs that have an innovative drive and ambition. Together they are growing the combined value of Amsterdam’s tech ecosystem every day. Your business can be part of that if you decide to relocate to Amsterdam.

Make your business an Amsterdam HQ

The fact that Amsterdam has become the home of many startups and entrepreneurs is evident in the expansion of its tech ecosystem. In 2015, the value was €10 billion, whereas in 2020 it had grown to a whopping €73 billion. This makes Amsterdam one of the best startup ecosystems in Europe. If that alone isn’t enough reason to convince you to start a business in Amsterdam, it’s also a hotspot for investors. Investors in Amsterdam have loads of experience and are willing to double down on investments they think are worth investing in.

Why your international company will prosper in Amsterdam

Next to the rapidly increasing tech ecosystem, Amsterdam as a city is also ideal for international companies. During the day, an average habitant of Amsterdam will speak more English than Dutch due to the international nature of the city. This makes the city incredibly welcoming for international talent, as most Dutch people are proficient in English. For this reason, Amsterdam attracts internationals. This is highly beneficial for your business, as you want your employees to feel at home when you relocate them. 

starting a business in amsterdam

When you reach the stage where relocating your staff becomes necessary, you will need to arrange a number of things. Think about organizing accommodation, moving goods and overall logistics. Because arranging everything requires a lot of your time and energy, it can be helpful to use a relocation service provider like Jimble. Not only do we help your employees move to the Netherlands, we offer additional expat services like moving and logistics, settling-in services and integration services.  

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Relocating to the netherlands

How to relocate your employees or company to the Netherlands? A complete guide

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Are you thinking of relocating employees or your company office to the Netherlands? Due to the multilingual nature, international business focus, educated workforce and public transportation, the Netherlands is the perfect place to serve the European market. To make your move as smooth as possible, we have created a complete (company) relocation guide for you.

International destination service provider in Amsterdam

As an Amsterdam based relocation agency we understand what you, your company or employees need to relocate to and integrate into the Netherlands. We offer a wide variety of expat services to make any move as smooth as possible. Get in touch with us, get a free consultation and jumpstart your relocation. Need more information? Download our free relocation playbook

The relocation process – do your research

Moving to the Netherlands should be stress-free and something to look forward to. But where do you start? Effective planning and absorbing all there is to know about your new destination is vital. Get insights and essential destination information about: 

  • The (local) housing market
  • Registrations and (work) permits
  • Taxes and regulations
  • Moving and logistics
  • The healthcare system
  • Integration

Home finding

Before you move, you will obviously need to find the right place to live. Or maybe your company needs a new office to work from. It completely depends on which area of the Netherlands you’re moving to in terms of how difficult it is to find the perfect spot. 

Are you moving for example to the North of the Netherlands? Prepare yourself to have all the space you want! If you’re moving to Amsterdam, you’ll discover that the amount of available and fitting properties gets smaller. It can be quite challenging to find a home in and around the big city’s of the Netherlands. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Are you looking for temporary or long term accommodation? 
  • Are you looking for a property to buy? 
  • Where do you, your employees or company need to be located? 

Need help? Our relocation advisors know the local Dutch property market to a T. Schedule a free consultation with our experts to discuss your needs! 

Arrange work permits and visa

For everyone relocating to the Netherlands, in order to get past passport control at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you’ll need to arrange your work permit and visa. You will be able to find all necessary information in our blog about work permits and visas or on the Dutch permits page of the government website.

Moving stuff from A to B

As if moving yourself isn’t hard enough, you’ll also need to move your complete household. That’s why we offer dependable and hassle-free moving services at Jimble. We not only move your stuff from point A to point B, we also develop a customized moving plan that makes your life as easy and secure as possible. 

Get to know the Dutch healthcare system

The Dutch healthcare system is divided into three compartments:

  • Long-term care for chronic conditions.
  • Basic and essential medical care, from GP visits to short-term hospital stays and specialist appointments or procedures.
  • Supplementary care (e.g. dental care, physiotherapy, cosmetic procedures).

The first step in healthcare in the Netherlands is to purchase a Dutch healthcare insurance. Everyone in the Netherlands has to purchase at least a base level of insurance and this must be done within the first four months of arrival. The next step is to registrate at a local dentist and a doctors practice. 

Childcare and schooling options

Are you or your employees making the move to the Netherlands with kids? The education system in the Netherlands might be different from the one you are used to. It pays to do your homework. Give children the best start in their new home by choosing the right school! 

Integration and settling-in the Netherlands

Integrating into a new country can be daunting. Luckily the Netherlands is known for its international minded culture. Rarely will you find someone who doesn’t speak English. Interested in learning the Dutch language or learning everything there is to know about the Dutch culture? There are numerous language classes to choose from. 

Let us help you relocate to the Netherlands 

Relocating to the Netherlands can be intimidation at first. But no worries, we are here to help. Head over to our relocation services page and learn more. Or get in touch and schedule in a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss your situation. Relocating to the Netherlands has never been easier with Jimble.

Reduce relocation costs

4 ways to reduce relocation costs

By | Corporate support

Relocating your employees to the Netherlands is a complex and diligent process. There is a wide array of things that’ll need to get sorted, think about logistics of goods, settling-in and of course the actual move itself. Relocating your employees is an investment, so you want to make sure you keep everything as cost effective as possible. We share 4 tips on how to reduce relocation costs!

1. Offer an attractive relocation program

Before you start looking into potentially relocating employees, you should consider the relocation program you’re offering. What kind of home finding solutions do you provide, are you offering them Dutch language training after they’ve settled in? Ultimately, you don’t want to invest in employees to later find out that they’re pulling out because of your outdated relocation policy. 

Ask yourself if it’s competitive enough in comparison to your competitors. Would you want to move under your own relocation program? If the answer is no, it’s time to update your policy.

2. Keep your policy up to date

Once you’ve updated your policy, it’s important to keep it up to date. There might be certain trends that emerge in the relocation field that you don’t want to miss out on. After all, it’s essential to keep your relocation program attractive for your current and future employees.

3. Reduce relocation costs with caps

Relocation can often lead to unforeseen costs. It’s also common to compensate for costs of living adjustments and occuring exceptions. In order to keep relocation costs at bay it’s a good idea to introduce caps. In that way employees feel supported, while your costs don’t spiral out of control. Sounds like a win-win, right?

4. Hire a relocation agency

It might be that you have no experience with relocation, or you simply don’t have the time and internal resources for it. That’s where Jimble comes in. We take all of your stress away and offer hassle-free relocation services in the Netherlands. Moving and logistics? Check. Settling-in services? Check. Integration services? Check.

Stop wasting time and money and hire a dedicated team to take care of the relocation of your employees. Lets talk about your relocation situation. Contact us

Visas and work permits in the Netherlands

What work permits do employees in the Netherlands need and how to apply

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You’ve found the perfect employees abroad and want to start working with them sooner rather than later. But before you can fly them over, you’ll need to figure out what kinds of work permits you have to obtain for them. It completely depends on the length you’re planning to hire your employees when it comes to the type of work visa they’ll need.

Work permits and visas in the Netherlands

Work permits in the Netherlands are divided into permanent and temporary visas. In order to obtain these different types of permits you need to deal with institutions such as UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) and IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Services). Luckily these are both organizations that are easy to get in contact with. The IND even has a seperate hotline for Brexit, if you’re dealing with employees that are moving from the UK.

Less than 90 days in the Netherlands

Are you planning to hire your employees for less than 90 days? If so, you can obtain a work permit for your staff through the UWV. They will be able to use the permit for a maximum of 1 year. After this period of time, your company can apply for a renewal.

The single work permit

If your employees are staying longer than 3 months in the Netherlands, you will have to apply for a combined residence and work visa. This single permit can be obtained through the IND and allows your staff to work and live in the Netherlands.

The permanent basis of this document means that your employees will need to fully relocate to the Netherlands. You can find tips on how to do this cost effectively in our blog about how to reduce relocation costs

At Jimble we offer tailored employee and expat relocation support, so that your staff seamlessly integrates in their new country. You can find everything about our relocation and expat support on our website.

Temporary projects

It’s also possible to hire employees on a temporary basis if the work doesn’t compete with labour supply from the Netherlands and the EU. In this case you won’t need to apply for a work permit, but you do need to get in touch with the UWV to get the project approved. 

Apply for a work permit or work visa in the Netherlands

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Netherlands as hq europe

Choosing The Netherlands as the European HQ for your business

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Doing business internationally can be highly beneficial to expand and to explore opportunities for growth and development. We suggest you put the Netherlands on your shortlist for some of the following reasons.

Reason 1: location, location, location

Among other things, The Netherlands is well known for its excellent business climate. International corporations flock here with the urge to successfully innovate and build their profits. 

The country has created an outstanding infrastructure with Europe’s largest port in Rotterdam. Companies also enjoy its prime location between major European markets such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom, which facilitates a strong, international network.

Reason 2: local resources

Moreover, there is a high level of local talent to be found here. The Dutch are generally considered to be very proficient in the English language, which helps when it comes to hiring staff, but also when it comes to adapting to life in a new city.

Reason 3: quality over quantity

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the overall quality of life here is considered one of the best in the world. The Netherlands is ranked #6 of the UN’s happiest countries in the world. We are happy to welcome your international staff and we welcome their families with open arms.

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Jimble has been witness to the experience of our own expat clients, and feedback on their Dutch adventure has always been exceedingly positive. 

Are you considering starting a business in The Netherlands? Are you planning on relocating (part of) your staff to The Netherlands? Or would you like to inquire on successfully partnering with Dutch businesses? The Jimble team is happy to provide you with the necessary guidance and assistance. Make sure to check out our e-book or our socials for more information on how we can assist you.

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